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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Thank you guys who all e-mailed Paul Farhi about his fluff piece of an article about JAM Donaldson. Mr Farhi responded to my e-mails as well and he is clueless about the opposition. To make matters WORSE, the POST has seen fit to host Donaldson on their Washington Post Chat tomorrow at 11:00ET. You can best be darn tooting sure that MS. Gina will be participating. I took the whole week off to battle this foolishness. Join me in challenging MS Donaldson tomorrow. Y'all know how I roll so THAT OUGHT TO BE INTERSTING.

Call and ask for the ombudsman they will transfer you to her voicemail and leave a message. Maybe if enough of us e-mail and tell her about Paul Farhi's reply e-mails they will do something. He was clueless that the African American community is on the brink of a civil war between those Black folks with commonsense and those without. 202.334.6000 or 800.627.1150. Leave her your name and e-mail address with a contact telephone number.

FYI, Newsweek did their very own hatchet job on those of us who are opposed to the airing of "Hot Ghetto Mess' This author is even more ignorant and obtuse and didn't try to speak to ANYONE in opposition to the show before calling us names. If I had Newsweek's phone number I would call there too. Joshua Alston said the following about US:

But whereas BET hopes to expose the germs to direct sunlight with "Hot Ghetto Mess," those who oppose the show want to act like the mayor who's expecting a visit from the Olympic committee: keep the riff-raff out of sight so people will forget they exist.

Well I guess we have to at least thank the Washingtonpost for not attacking the critics of the show. Alston is completely and totally clueless and hasn't read an inch on What About Our Daughters? There is a difference between taking a child to the woodshed to whip em with a belt and taking them to the woodshed to beat them with a 2X4 and then parading them through town so that everyone can see their bruises. This isn't about covering up anything. This is about gratuitous exploitation and greed Mr. Alston. Get your analogies right next time. If you need help, call me. I'm good at em. ( Except for "Star Wars" analogies apparently. LOOKING at you OMI!)

Big UPs! To Howard's student paper, The Hilltop. They are college students, but at least THEY have a clue unlike Newsweek and the Washington Post.