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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Unconfirmed Report- BET Might have Pulled " Hot Ghetto Mess"

I'll believe it when I read about it on the AP, but the site Hip Hop DX is saying the show has been pulled. Y'all know how internet rumors get started, but I am guardedly optimistic.

UPDATE (7/14): Still waiting. Latrice the young lady who has been running a petition since January to get Hot Ghetto Mess pulled indicated that she had also gotten an e-mail.

The cynic in my says that BET is just trying to fake us out to make it past the Television Critics Association panel on Sunday.

UPDATE(7/14): I just read an article that said we get 18000 hits a day. Dear Lord NO! That would be a nightmare! We have had a TOTAL of 18000 hits as of yesterday. I fully expect to go back to normal this time next week.