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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just for Kicks.. Which Companies Were Willing to Advertise on "Hot Ghetto Mess"?

BET has gone into DEFCON 2 . Debra Lee, Reginald Hudlin, and Jamilla Donaldson have been taken to an undisclosed location. This all happened after they got the LA Times to print a "love fest" of an article where they were given free reign to defend themselves without a single quote from a critic of the show. The reporter claims he didn't have time to speak with dissenters or he couldn't find any ( No really. He did. I have his e-mail to prove it.)

Now everybody at BET is in a "conference" and they ain't returning telephone calls. Multiple reporters have been telling me that

My friend threw out the interesting and not-too-far-fetched theory that BET is treading water hoping that the increased publicity will make the show soo appealing to some advertiser that they can replace any of the sponsors that they have lost. Interesting. We speculated for a couple of minutes on which companies would be so amoral as to want to have their products or services associated with something called " Hot Ghetto Mess". Hilarity ensued.

BET isn't releasing the names of corporations who purchased advertising on " Hot Ghetto Mess" So just for kicks ( Lord knows we need some humor around here.).... Which corporations would be willing to have their corporate brands associated with something called "Hot Ghetto Mess"?

I hope you had an opportunity to hear yesterday's podcast of the Black Women's Round Table. I received a lot of "suggestions" for improvement from lots of folks, even family members who I know love me. I know they didn't intend to, but each new suggestion sucks more and more fun out of doing it. One of the prices of increased attention is that people start to place additional expectations and burdens on you. I knew that was a price I was going to have to pay in order to Defund Hot Ghetto Mess and it was a relative low price to pay. So to all my regulars, once things die down again ( Hopefully) I'll think about doing the show again because it was fun, but right now, all the joy has been sucked out of it for me.