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Monday, August 27, 2007

HAS YouTube Pulled Your Bynum or Weeks Clips?? FIGHT BACK!

FIGHT 'EM on it. Contact the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Juanita Bynum and her husband are public figures. Video related to sermons they may have preached or even portions of other preachers commenting on the Bynum incident in a public place ( IE THE PULPIT THIS PAST SUNDAY) Probably fall within the realm of what is called "fair use."

If YouTube pulled your clip, you can respond and try to have it put back up. TBN, Eddie Long, Juanita and Tommy "The Hit Man" Weeks may control their churches, but on the internet nobody can muzzle a story. You should have known the "church folk" would be trying to keep stuff under the wraps. Give it up already! What is done in the dark will surely come to light.

Whether you are quoting someone on your blog, inserting clips of CNN into your own video news report, or using a song sample in a musical parody, your free speech often depends on incorporating and referencing other people's creations as part of your own. The courts call this "fair use", and strong legal precedents exist to protect the limited use of copyrighted material in your work when you do so for expressive purposes.

Unfortunately, copyright owners often object to these uses, and may look for ways to take them offline via the legal system. A copyright cease-and-desist letter to your webhost or ISP may be all it takes to make your online speech disappear from the Internet — even when the legal claims are transparently bogus. Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Do these church folk really want to start a "holy war" with bloggers? Trying to hide your dirt, just makes it worse. I actually was going to stop posting about Juanita Bynum today, but this campaign to erase YouTube clips is noteworthy and affects us all. Somebody had better start saving these clips to hard drives before they are all gone. There is definitely an organized campaign at work to hide video. SMH?