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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Call to ARMS!

Didn't I tell y'all that something else is afoot here. Which is why the continued silence from the League of the Immorally Indifferent is so perplexing. Each day they remain silent about violent crime committed against Black folks is a day they cement their own fates due to ineffectiveness and inaction.

Over at Eurweb there is an interesting post by Ricardo Hazell called
THE SAGA CONTINUES: A CALL TO ARMS: Forget Iraq, the war for black America is at home! He is talking about his reaction to the Newark killings.

People are asking why this sort of thing happens, and that is a valid question. The answer, though simple, is a difficult one to come to grips with. The simple fact is black lives are seen as having little to no value by some black people themselves. Perhaps I should say a certain type of black person. We can talk all day about outreach programs and anti-gang units and so forth, meanwhile our children are dying and dying and dying some more.


I am sick of seeing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on TV saying how much of a shame these losses are without really doing anything about it and I'm tired of the police promising to add more patrol cars and politicians that promise to lower the urban crime rate year after year. May God forgive me for feeling this way. Again, this hatred may go away tomorrow, but today I say these people have to go by any and all means necessary!

Y'all I think he is basically saying we need to arm ourselves against the criminals and take them out since the police and politicians seem unwilling and unable to.

Earlier today I told y'all to read why what is now going on is not the usual howling at the moon about all that is wrong in the world. There is something different going on in a post-Imus world over at Why Black Women are Angry.