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Saturday, August 18, 2007

WAOD Guide to Demonstrating in Style.....

This is what was on the front of one of the demonstrator's t-shirts. She's actually my water aerobics instructor, Beverly

1. Be On Time- It is really poor form when your protesters get there before you do even if its by a couple of minutes.
1a. DO NOT SCHEDULE YOUR PROTEST TO BEGIN DURING RUSH HOUR. I had to go from one side of town to the other and through the UT campus thus alerting me that the college kiddies are back in town, all 50,000 of them and their parents apparently, as it took me 30 minutes just to get through campus.

2. Don't use oversized sharpies without proper ventilation. Markers can kill.

3. If you failed handwriting in the third grade, you might want someone else to write your signs.
(I did not use the D.L. is the Devil sign, that was a drafting mistake I decided to have fun with. I also was not able to use my D.L. is an Attention Ho' sign. Miss Pauline thought that it was inappropriate so I relented and strapped on the Delusional sign instead. )
4.Try not to use polysyllabic words on your placard, it makes people have to think too hard. What is clever to you might not be absorbed at 30 mph.

5.You can really use duct tape for anything

6. Don't stand in fire ants.

7.Do not park where you car can get towed. It is so not fun trying to outrun a tow truck driver. This is a picture I took after I had to run and move my car.

8.Do call the special events office at the police department and ask them to give you a chat on "How to exercise your First Amendment rights without going to the clank."

9. DO wear shades if it is sunny.

10. Don't plan to sit in a recliner and chill. It was only two hours why did I pack as if I was going to the Alaskan back country for three days.

11. Do carry anti foolishness devices, in my case a whistle ( again, a remnant from the Alaskan back country) and a fork. If someone body pulled out a fork on you, you would leave them the hell alone too. A knife people expect, a fork, not so much.

12. Do not throw your belongings on the ground so that bees and crawl inside and then crawl out when you get home.

13. Sometimes smiling and saying nothing makes people curious enough to come over and have a conversation with you.

14. The protest is all about the people you are doing it with. Forgive those who got sick, suddenly got vacation plans, sprained an ankle or just "don't do that." You don't need a multitude.

15. Enjoy the fact that you get to do this kind of thing without the guv'ment carting you off never to be seen again. Do it often.

16. DO YOU! If you are not a bullhorn person, then don't try to be. If you like to wave and smile at people, then do it. Out of sheer nosiness and because we were laughing and having a good time, people came up to us and wanted the full story.

16a. If a sister who has marched in the hot Texas heat with you for two hours has a potential suitor who uses your $3.00 placard as a cocktail napkin, let her take it home as a souvenir of her bravery. Girl you better call that man! I am almost certain he is not a serial killer, but again I've been wrong before.