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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Janjaweed in America. How Do We Apply For UN Peace Keepers?- Immoral Indifference to Dunbar Village Continues.

“I was so scared,” the woman told WPTV. “Some of them had sex with me twice, some of them had sex with me three times. They’re beating me up. They make me do those things over and over. The man with the big gun, he put the gun inside of me.”

She said that when she was forced to perform oral sex on her own son, she told the boy: “I know you love me, and I love you, too.” Dunbar Village gang rape victim talking about her assault.

NO, really. I am serious. Where do we get the application for U.N. peace keepers in America?

You see Dunbar Village was not the only crime like this in West Palm Beach. In addition to Dunbar Village, right down the street another horde of teens were involved in another attack on another Black woman:
14-year-old Mangonia Park boy has been charged with raping and robbing a 42-year-old woman only a few steps from her apartment while his friends waited and watched, some shouting "Hurry up" and "Me next." (Source)

In a one year period, the police department got over 650 calls to go to Dunbar Willage in a year. Lets see.... 365 days in a year.... Surely criminals would take off Christmas, Easter, and Mothers' Day. So that is 362. Subtract 1 day for Superbowl Sunday. Subtract 5 days in Florida due to severe weather.... You do the math. They got called to that complex so much it would have been cheaper to locate a police substation there.

NO seriously, in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida, Black women have been turned into prey, where do we get the application? Wouldn't this foolishness qualify as a state of emergency?

Still waiting on movement from the list of the "Immorally Indifferent." New names being added tomorrow. Keep contacting these folks. Y'all know what the next step is doncha? I think it might be time to start calling some corporate donors. No sense in public corporations buying $15,000 tables at the annual banquet/convention/brunch if the organization sits idle for the 51 other weeks of the year.