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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The List of Immoral Indifference is Growing - Obama Aides Give Conflicting info-Didn't know?

Well folks, the "List of Immoral Indifference" related to the Dunbar Village gang rape will be growing this afternoon. In the interest of gender equity, I am going to be adding "women's rights" groups who OUGHT to be outraged that apparently it is open season down in West Palm Beach, Florida on African American women.

I just got off the phone with Obama's Washington office. Now yesterday the girl answering the phone said, rather dismissively, that a statement was being written and would available in two hours. I looked....no statement. So when I got home from the NPR interview, where I made sure to mention the Senator's championing of convicted child molester Genarlow Wilson while ignoring this case, I mentioned Obama in the group of Black "leaders" who appear to be suffering from a bout of Immoral Indifference related to one of the most horrific hate crimes committed against the Dunbar Village victim and another woman less than a mile away weeks later.

So today when I called a young man answered and didn't know what I was talking about so I gave him the 30 recitation of the horror. Clueless, but assured me he was going to pass on my comments to the Senator. He didn't ask for any contact info so I won't be holding my breath. We'll just keep hammering away at him. Now wouldn't it be a shame if Hillary Clinton issued a statement about Dunbar Village before Obama did?

I am putting together a new list with new e-mails and phone numbers, including women's groups. We are going to make these people earn their corporate donations and membership dues. I don't care if they are crooks and charlatans, they are holding themselves out to be champions of the Black and the poor so STEP UP!

FYI, after my pressure goes down, I will tell y'all about my run in with the receptionist answering the phones at the NAACP National Headquarters. If her indifference was not so appalling, it would be funny.