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Friday, August 3, 2007

The Showdown in A-Town! - D.L. Hughley Comes to Austin,TX

Okay, we don't call it A-town, that just rhymed. Anyway, I just had a lovely conversation with an officer with our police department who gave me a lovely primer on "How Not to Get Arrested or Get Your Car Towed While Exercising Your Freedom to Peaceably Assemble in Austin,TX." So despite information to the contrary, I do not need a parade permit to demonstrate against D.L. Hughley when he comes to Austin to perform at the Capital City Comedy Club on August 17, 18, and 19th. I just have to stay on the sidewalk and median and not block the entrance to the strip mall where he will be performing. So come out and join me on Friday, August 17, 2007 beginning at 4:30PM (Our first Local news goes on at 5:00 and again at 6:00PM)

SAVE YOUR MONEY! D.L. Hughley= NOT FUNNY! Demonstration
Cap City Comedy Club
8120 Research Blvd
Austin TX 78758

More Details to Follow

Folks from out of town, make it a weekend event. What better way to end the Summer than to give the kids a living breathing example of the Constitution at work? Take off Friday and go to the Capitol and the many museums in town and then drive up to North Austin to greet Mr. Hughley and let him know that we don't find his brand of humor very funny at all. Then stay over and take the kids to Sea World of Fiesta Texas or the Natural Bridge Caverns. I'll be starting a local publicity blitz to let the world know about his comments on the the Tonight Show. He's not going to get a free ride from the local reporters this time. SAVE YOUR MONEY! D.L. Hughley= NOT FUNNY!

For those of you who say that what he said was just a joke, that isn't what Hughley is saying when he is on a current campaign to defend himself. He wasn't joking. He has contempt for African American women in their natural state ( meaining untouched by the blade of a plastic surgeon). Read more here.