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Friday, August 3, 2007

Jesus Be a Fence! - Flavor of Love is Casting

WARNING: This post contains a link to a video with fast moving flickering images. While you may be compelled to stare intently at the images in the video due to shock or horror, DO NOT! You will get dizzy as I did (not kidding).

Flavor of Love is casting y'all. (Thanks Kim!) You can vote for which contestants will be on the show apparently. This is the foolishness that VH1 is is promoting on the Flavor of Love Casting Blog. (WARNING: IF you are prone to seizures, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO ALONE! I wish I was joking.)

I'm writing you today to let you know that Flavor of Love is coming back to the air and they just opened up casting via this website: http://flavoroflovecasting.com/. Of particular interest is this black man in drag AND black face: http://flavoroflovecasting.com/people/SARGENTBEVERLY/videos/121.

Look, I can't take on the whole dayum world of foolishness. I have to deal with DL at the Throw Down in A-Town this month. I KNOW there is a blogger out there that can take the lead on this foolishness!

( Gina must leave her computer now in order to recover from the Sargent Beverly Video. Gina is all for being yourself and self expression, but Dear LORD! "I was so NOT prepared for that level of foolishness. I am seriously dizzy. Must. Rest. Now." )