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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Folks are Upset with Blogger Sandra Rose (AGAIN!) over the Jena 6

Over at Sandra Rose, she's telling folks who are upset about her comments on the Jena 6 case to take a hike if they don't like it.

I have deleted many of your ignorant and abusive comments in my Jena 6 posts because the bottom line is: I have the right to my opinions. I am not going to waver from my opinion just because some of you don't like it. And I am not going to back down from my position just because some of you refuse to return to my site. That's YOUR personal problem, not mine. If you feel that you can't tolerate coming to this blog anymore, C YA! Seriously, for every one of you that leave, two take your place. Sandra Rose.

I get the same grief anytime I mention the Genarlow Wilson case on this blog. FYI, I have a problem with folks glossing over what happened in that hotel room as if it was a scene out of Romeo and Juliet and glossing over what happened to the 17 year old girl in the case. GASP! HERESY! Seriously people, can we grow up enough to accept that all Black people do not think alike and it doesn't make Sandra evil or a bad person.

The beauty of the blogosphere is that you get to read opinions that might not be as popular as the party line.. You don't have to agree with her in order to read her blog either. Heck that's one of the reasons I like reading her blog.

The sign of a mature people is the ability to respect and honor dissent. We need the dissenters! Think about all the people throughout history who have gone against popular opinion. Again, grow up and don't bring that foolishness over here either because WAOD is a foolishness free zone. I love the folks who vow NEVER to read this blog again because they disagree with me on any number of things. Good riddance! Be gone already! FYI, the the What About Our Daughters? Disgruntled Readers Support Group meets every Sunday at 5:00PM in the Fellowship Hall of the Bedside Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. A. Larm Clock, Sr. Pastor

Let that marinate!