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Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Student of the "Kim Porter School of Child-Rearin' " Makes the News - Adopt a Black Newborn

We ALL know Mamas like this ( or maybe just me). Anyway, a 26-year-old MOTHER done caught a case because she basically stormed on a school bus and ordered her 9 year-old daughter to fight a 10 year-old bully. ( And yes, I did the math and commenting on it would be unseemly. That is why I am writing this parenthetical notation to point it out without pointing it out. Let that right there marinate)

Well con scribing your child into an Ultimate Fighting challenge on a school bus is ONE way to deal with bullying. Y'all in the video, the woman walks on the bus with her daughter, removes the girl's backpack.

Muldrow, 26, helped her daughter shed her backpack -- "I'm not going to let her fight with her book bag on," she testified -- and instructed her to "handle it" with the 10-year-old
girl who had slapped her
daughter two days before. SOURCE
Well that is smart of her, she wouldn't want her daughter to get hurt by books when engaged in a school bus brawl. SAFETY FIRST KIDS!
Watch the video and read the captions of what the bus driver is saying. Hat Tip to Sandra Rose...
Also, I am 31, a youthful 31, probably because I don't have kids, but when I saw a picture of the Mama in this case I would have placed her at mid 30's. This woman has had a hard life an she has the arrest record to prove it (15 arrests at the age of 26- You got to work at that like a job):

Shayla Muldrow, chewing gum and dressed in a blazer on the witness stand, recalled the March morning she boarded her daughters' school bus. She wasn't planning trouble(Um then why get on the bus?), she said. She just wanted to put an end to the bullying her 9-year-old daughter had been experiencing on bus rides to and from Booker T. Washington Elementary School. "I wanted to talk it out," Muldrow said Tuesday. "You don't have to solve your problems by fighting." A good idea, in theory. But anyone who has seen the March 2 videotape from Bus No. 3866 knows that's not how things worked out. SOURCE

Off topic... as someone who had the pleasure of being in a criminal courts with different judges over extended periods of time where I had to sit through folks being sentenced for various foolishness, let me take this opportunity to say this.... The way you look, act, and dress, even who you bring to court with you, will determine how severely you are dealt with. It ain't right. It ain't fair, but it is the truth. Now you can "keep it real" for the judge if you wanna, but I promise you little Johnny who rolls up there in his shirt and tie with Mama and Daddy dressed in their finest flanking each of little Johnny's arms ain't going to jail. In fact, the judge is likely going to apologize to the parents for having to do anything to little Johnny. I used t be able to sit in court and predict exactly what types of sentences folks would get based on what they were wearing and how they presented themselves to court.

When I was in another state in a rural court whose jurisdiction included a large lake, you' see tons of DWI/DUI cases roll through. In all the cases with the local college students facing active time , in almost every case, Mama and Daddy were standing with there with them. Mama was embarrassed and on the verge of tears and Daddy was red-faced and looked like he was going to strangle little Johnny just as soon as they left the courtroom. Even though the liklihood of the kid actually getting active time was low to nonexistent, these folks came in there as if little Johnny was up on some murder charges. So really, lose the caps, the jeans, athletic wear, the flip flops, the GUM, and the attitude and drag your Grandmama to court with you in her Sunday's finest. Really, did they say she was popping bubbles with her gum while she was on the witness stand? How did the bailiff let that slide? How did her lawyer let that slide?

Back on topic.... Back in my days, the Mama would roll to the bus stop and dare the bully to do somethin' while she was standing there. See that was back in the day when a mere look from an adult was sufficient to put the fear of God in ya'. I guess these young Mamas haven't figured that out.

Sisters with children, please put down "Kim Porter's Guide to Child Rearin' " Seriously folks. Seriously! STOP ENGAGING IN FOOLISHNESS!

Adopt a Black Newborn
Speaking of motherhood, did y'all know that you do not have to go the route of international adoption if you want a newborn? Look into private adoption of an African American infant. Jack and Jill Politics has this amazing article about the fact that there apparently are a number of African American babies available through private adoption. I had no clue. I always though there was a shortage of newborns. I guess we always figure that there is a grandmother or aunt that will raise a child of the Black teen mother , but apparently there are young Black women who are offering their newborns up for private adoptions, but there aren't enough prospective Black parents to go around. I still got a good 15 years, but y'all know I like to plan ahead.
Read more about it at Jack and Jill Politics. We always hear about the trouble placing older foster kids, I figured newborns would be snapped up. Apparently I was WRONG. GASP! Yes. Yes. Pull yourselves off of the floor, I can be wrong on an extremely rare occasion. Let the heavens part! And just to trigger all those "maternal" instincts and whatnot, here is a laughing baby.
Courtesy of Politopics