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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm in the hearing room by the skin of my teeth

We were in line since 8:00 but barely got into the hearing room because Viacom brought about 50 lobbyists and the entertainment companies brought HUGE groups of people with them. ONLY 25 people in the line that had been there since 8:00AM got in. The room was already filled when we got in.

Apparently WE ended up in the section reserved for the press so this female staffer in a black suit and a green silk shirt keeps giving us the STANK eye and I keep giving it back!

Rush just finished his opening statement apologizing profusely for being forced to have these hearings and reintegrating that he is a FAN OF HIP HOP.

Debra Lee is in here. I could smell the scent of sulfur when I got in here.

UPDATE: Rep Shakowwsky is the first to actually mention women, Black women in particular. SHE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN CENSORSHIP ( neither do I) She has said this about four times. So has everybody else. We get it..Y'all don't want to be here.