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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WAOD Live Blogging From Imus to Industry Hearings in Washington,DC- Witness List Up(SMH) _ Rev. Al Gotta be MAD!

Well folks, despite a certain airline's best attempt to kill me with an embolism by forcing its passengers to sit in an awkward position on account that the space under their seats to store your purse is remarkably small, sleeping on an air mattress while continuing to recover from the world' most painful chair massage ( It was on Saturday, I'm still sore), I will be there today for these hearings.

From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degrading Images
Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Hearing
10:00 a.m.(EASTERN STANDARD TIME)in room 2123 Rayburn House Office Building
Witness List
Connect to the Video Webcast (100 kbps)

Witness List

When I was at 40,000 feet stuck in the middle seat for three hours( six hours total of flight./airport time), trying to forgive a rude flight attendant because as a personal policy, I don't fly angry, the Universe worked on me. I didn't want my last thought on earth to be "this airline sucks," right before a sudden loss of cabin pressure, or a flock of birds flying into the engine, or a rat gnawing at some electrical wiring. Clearly I was being tested yesterday in preparation for today, so I am going to do my level best to give the folks the benefit of the doubt, plus, I am almost certain that due to my legs almost being folded under me for 3 hours, I developed a blood clot that is going to break off and kill me instantly, the moment someone raises my blood pressure, I am going to be extra special zen-like today. Nothing like the possibility of sudden death to keep you mellow....but I digress.

So what esteemed panel has Congressman Rush's office assembled?

Well there will be THREE PANELS the first one is the one I flew out here for, the folks that really control the industry:

( Because these folks are too busy to sit around all day)
Phillipe Dauman, CEO of Viacom
Edgar Brofman, Jr, CEO, Warner Music Group
Doug Morris, Universal Music Group ( Does he know his employees stay on this blog?)
Strauss Zelnick, Chair of Take Two Interactive Software
Alfrd Liggins, CEO Radio One ( I know y'all are enraptured with TV ONE, but Radio One is a whole other can of worms) This man is Miss Hughes' son. ( Man tell your Mama to but TV One on I-tunes!)

( Because these folks careers are basically over)

Master P and Levell Crump( Open mind. Must. Keep. An. Open. Mind.(repeat))

Y'all know Rev. Al is TICKED that his arch nemesis, David Banner is speaking before Congress. Read "Al Sharpton and David Banner in a Cage Match:Who Wins?"

( Please let two of these people be from my generation)

Not that having a Ph.D. is a bad thing, but did the whole dayum panel against the foolishness have to be made up of academics? Some, yes, but all? Hip Hop's representatives are likely to provide a treasure trove of foolishness to document, but this last group is probably going to be all coherent and what not. What happened to Andrea Boudreaux, that Spelman college Student who started the letter writing camp Sharpley Whiting? Well maybe they will be riveting. I am just concerned that once again, it will appear that this is generational warfare when a bunch of the opposition to the Hip Hop Industrial complex is coming from members of the Hip Hop generation.(Keep.An. Open.Mind)

Tracy Sharpley-Whiting, Ph.D.
Faye Williams, Ph.D.
Karen Dill, Ph.D.
Lisa Fager, Industry Ears ( Yeah! No Ph.D.)
Andrew Rojecki, Ph.D.

I am familiar with about three of these folks so maybe they will be as riveting as Master P and David Banner.

Okay kiddies, moi has to go get ready to brave DC traffic. I'll be posting throughout the day as my internet connection permits. Be good, the guest moderators should be popping in periodically to moderate the comments.

9:10 EST UPDATE: Whew! Moi made it, but just barely. First my DC "local" who knew where the Rayburn bldg was, well she DIDN'T! So we ended up in traffic for forever and I still ended up walking about FIVE blocks ( the horror!) in platform shoes with a goldfish swimming on the bottom. I forgot that they call it THE HILL for a reason. They OUGHT to call it THE MOUNTAIN!

Shecodes is here and the signal is strong. We are at th front of the line. Gotta preserve this laptop battery! Lata.

Folks the list of witnesses is up for who is going to testify today. OH I can see this is going to be just a lovely lovely day already. Scroll down to the posts. You will be able to watch or listen to the hearings via the internet. I haven't found this listed on C-Span. OH YEAH, and immediately following the hearings, Viacom will be plying African American members of Congress with Drank and Vittles at a reception. Ain't representative Democracy wonderful?p>