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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Latest on Dunbar Village - West Palm Beach STILL Stuck on Stupid as Poor Black Women Left to Fend off Anarchy Alone

I try to keep up with latest in the Dunbar Village gang rape and the aftermath in West Palm Beach, Florida and I continue to be AMAZED that the lunacy in Florida hasn't made National news . West Palm Beach is a microcosm of what can happen when government fails to fulfill its fundamental responsibility to keep the peace and preserve public safety. Not tourism and conventions, not real estate development, not even parks and recreation. If you can't engage in shared defense, then you don't really need government. For all of you who keep asking "How could something like Dunbar Village Happen?," my reply is because of idiocy like this:

On the local level, think of West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel. After the Dunbar Village rape, she bused neighborhood residents to a secure location so Post reporters and TV cameras wouldn't see those Dunbar residents criticize her for ignoring them for so long. Source

She has said that she has had Dunbar Village on her "radar" since she was elected. Well if it was on her radar, then WHY did she let them live in total darkness at night because all the street lamps were shot out. Why are donated air conditioners sitting piled up because she hasn't gotten around to having city workers install them or asking volunteers to assist in installation. WHY in the aftermath of this crime when she had a sliver of national and international media attention did she not use that opportunity to ask the public to assist in the apprehension of ten gang rapists running round her city? Why has she allowed her police chief, a Black woman, to say that $1,000 is the largest reward they should offer in a case that is a crime against humanity and a crime against nature? Why did the commissioners of West Palm Beach spend 164 MILLION dollars building a palatial office tower and recently authorized $40 Million for a tourist promenade, but won't spend $1 for increased police patrols in a high-crime area where 90% of the households are headed by single Black mothers? Why has the League of the Immorally Indifferent been silent while the Mayor of West Palm Beach and the Governor of Florida have left these poor Black women to rot and die, fending for themselves and their children while being turned into prey by the neighborhood criminals?

Here are some more Dunbar Village Headlines:

One of the defendant's request for a DNA expert was denied
- As incompetent as the Chief of Police, Delsa Bush, appears to be, I am frightened to think about how they may have handled DNA evidence.

The Palm Beach Post asks "Is there a leader in the house?", West Palm Beach officials say "Um NO!" Symphony, a WAOD contributor was there. Here is her take on it.

Violence in that part of Florida is still Out of control:
"Miss," she said, clutching her books, "the violence in my neighborhood is really out of control. I hear gun shots all the time, and I know people in my neighborhood have died because of it." Today, more than ever, young people in our communities face violence to a degree that was once unfathomable.SOURCE

UNFATHOMABLE! and the the politicians don't care about fulfilling the most basic duty of government, shared defense ie PUBLIC SAFETY!