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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Tube Clips of Congressional Hearing on the Degradation of Black Women -"Levell Crump's PAIN"- RETURN OF THE PODCAST!

The Black Women's Roundtable, the WAOD Podcast returns Thursday night at 8:00PM CST. We'll be talking about all of the Congressional Hearing and the behind the scenes foolishness. You can call in to participate at (646) 478-4750.

Someone has gone and put almost all of Panel Two, which is the panel with Levell Crump aka David Banner, Percy Miller aka Master P, and Michael Eric Dyson aka Hip Hop's Prognostitute-in Chief, on YouTube. You can follow along with my live blogging here.

Part 1 of 9 Part 2 of 9 Part 3 of 9Part 4 of 9Part 5 of 96 of 9 Part 7 of 98 of 99 of 9