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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nailah Franklin - CrimeSceneBlog.com and BlackandMissing.blogspot.com

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I first saw this story for the first time on Concrete Loop. Nailah Franklin, 28, was reported missing Sept. 19th she is a pharmaceutical sales rep in the Chicago area. What is remarkable about her case is that she IS making CNN an MSNBC and we need to keep the pressure on. Because y'all know all it takes for this poor woman to be bumped off the air is for Paris Hiltont o get another DUI or OJ to sneeze in court.

Nailah (Nigh-eel-luh) Oliani (Oh-lee-ahni) Franklin, 28, has been missing from her University Village (near south side of Chicago) condo and from her job as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Eli Lilly since Tuesday evening, Sept. 18, 2007.

She has not been heard from since Tuesday afternoon/evening, missed an important “ride-around” meeting with her sales manager on Wednesday, and has not responded to numerous attempts to contact her via phone, email, text message and visits to her condo. Her company car, a BLACK 2005 Chevy Impala is missing [ CAR WAS FOUND ], as are her personal and work laptop computers. FROM CONCRETE LOOP

But I want to also take the time to highlight two blogs, that unlike mainstream media, have not forgotten that Black women and children go missing, are raped, murdered and kidnapped as well.

The first is crimesceneblog.com. Here is a story about the blog.. This blog also has covered the Dunbar Village case. I get lots of hits from it. Thanks Steve for keeping these often overlooked stories of violence against Black women and children. Crimesceneblog.com is covering the Nailah Franklin case so is Black and Missing.

The second blog has been featured on this site before. Black and Missing. Black and missing does just what it says it does; it features Black people who are missing.

Here is the truth. The sooner you can get clues after a person goes missing, the quicker the person is located one way or another. The worst thing to do is let the trail go cold. Many families, both black and white, have family members go missing, but lack the media skills to get their message out or keep their family members in the headinline. Plus they are fighting editorial decision makers that just don't value the lives of poor people or Black folk. They just don't think that we're newsworthy unless we are a pro athlete making a fool of ourselves.