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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Congressional Hearing Live Blogging Recaps Now Labeled- Podcast is Coming Back!

To read all the liveblogging posts on the House Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection Subcommittee hearing" From Imus to Industry" today, click on the Live Blogging in the index in the sidebar.

To those bloggers who want to link to just one post, I have labeled all of my live blogging from the hearing under the Label: Live Blogging. Click here to get the link that will pull up all of my posts. Since this is just an administrative post, I have disabled comments. Please comment on the hearings in the actual live blogging posts.

If you have specific questions about the hearing, put them in the comments and I will address them on the Black Women's Roundtable. You heard it right, the Black Women's Roundtable is coming back! Thursdays at 8:00PM. You won't believe how many people e-mail me about the show. I actually used to look forward to the podcast the most back in the day, but I stopped it when folks made it no fun at all. I am think I am ready to dive in again.

Looking for panelists for this Thursday at 8:00 PM CST. I am praying SheCodes can be on because the two of us together will be a HOOT! We had fun.

P.S. Yes, David Banner is just as looney in person as he was on the video and yes, his suit was too tight. But he gives to charity so that makes it all okay! Another behind the scenes perspective, David Banner's testimony send Blackberries CRAZY. Half the room was like WTH? I was giving play by play and had everybody around me rolling. Just imagine THIS BLOG, LIVE!

I'll go back and fix the typos in my previous posts later. I was on a tear.