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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Panel Two - David Banner College Graduate? Couldn't tell - Calls Hip Hop "Horror Music"

Lord have mercy. He's reading for goodness sakes and having issues.

David Banner defends the "N" Word. Wonders why Steven King and Stephen Spielberg get a pass wants Hip Hop to be considered "Horror Music" Oh lord he is going after Homeland Security now. *rambling mess ensues*

David Banner's mama showed up and and applauded at the end of his opening statement.

Master P decides to go forward without a script. He wants to "speak from his heart." Bad decision, but good for moi. MP says "I was once part of the problem" ummm train wrecky Goodness . Says "I was only in it for the money." Thanks for being honest.

MASTER P proposes starting Hip Hop union. "Most of these guys are in it for the money." Honesty again.

Michael Eric Dyson - Hip Hop's apologist and prognostitute in chief is is rare form. does this man breathe. "I don't want to quarantine the rage." I mean really its like machine gun fire.

Some rowdy woman, David Banner's Mama, keeps screaming out as if we in church. She is the only one clapping.

Congressman Rush once again to be "clear" because he hasn't said this 15,000 times before today wants to be "clear" that he is not indicting Hip Hop. Now he is listing a laundry list of all the noble characteristic of Hip Hop. Yes. Yes. It has made about 200 Black folks rich at the expense of millions. Yes Congressman Rush, noble indeed.

Rush " I got RAGE...I still Have deep seated RAGE.. How is that RAGE channeled?"

Update 12:51 David Banner talking crazy - He says don't judge him by his job, it is separate. *at which point I turn to yet another one of my new friends and ask "Isn't the job you are willing to do in order to make a living a reflection of your character. Didn't Nazi officers try this after WWII?"* David banner is running off all the reporters. They came for crazy and he gave it to them.

UPDATE 12:51 Master P plugs Lil Mario's show on Nickelodeon.

UPDATE 12:55 Dyson- has been sent to translate whatever in the hell Master P or David Banner just said. Congressperson literally says "Perhaps you can explain whatever in the heck they just said" Michael Dyson promotes his latest book. What is this hearing QVC?
Dyson defends N word because MLK used the N word. Wonderful logic.

Update 12:58 CST Stearns asks a very good question. Have industry execs asked you to alter your lyrics? David banner is proud that he has a "potty mouth." They are going overboard. Hysterical to hear the ranking member interact with "Mr. Crump" over and over again.

Stearns is keeping them on task. or at least trying.

Master P is incoherent. Somebody please tell me what the hell this man is saying.
Stearns keeps trying to keep them on task.

David Banner says execs don't have a problem with the degrading lyrics directed towards Black women, but apparently they censor lyrics about politics.

Stearns - Just said "Tupac Shakur"

UPDATE 1:10PM- David Banner says "Sh!t, N#^%er and B#&^ch" - Says he was "depressed". his parents "made me feel beautiful" Congresswoman asked if David Banner thinks "B%$#ch!" is a sign of camaraderie. The question was supposed to be HOW DOES THIS MAKE BLACK WOMEN FEEL. Since David Banner/ Levell Crump is so self centered, he thought she was asking about how HE FELT. Idiot! Everybody is looking at each other mouths open (SMH)

Congresswoman just gave up on David Banner and trying to see if he feels women's pain. David Banner too self absorbed to answer. "me me me!"

Dyson dodges question as well. Calls people ""Ecclesiastical Ho or Ecclesiastical B1^%ch!" "Women use the word B!*@#ch." I really don't like this man. He is basically saying you can direct hatred towards Black women as long as you have a good enough excuse and also if someone else hated on them, it is okay for you to hate on them and then he basically says it is Black women's fault that we are called B%^@ch because some women use the phrase. Brilliant! And what school mailed him his Ph.D.?

1:15 Congresswoman says she would be interested in hearing from some women. The room erupted in applause.

1:18David Banner is pouting, Congressman calls him on it.
GOnzales says Hip Hop glamorize lifestyles that Hip Hop artists condemn.
Doesn't see a solution in Hip Hop.
" Describing present state of affairs" not solutions. Calls David Banner on his crap. Is this entertainment? "We're all over the map"

1:21David Banner- Getting Belligerent "Y'all don't listen to our music." Gives God credit for his record deal. God says "It wasn't me!"( Satan pouting once again for not getting a shout out)

1:22 David Banner Giving up money is like "treason to America." Audience begins to help David Banner complete his sentences.

David Banner arguing with Congressman Gonzales. - Congressman Gonzales is clearly reading What About Our Daughters? He just said David banner is all about "me me me!"

1:29 Shelia Jackson Lee comes back from lunch. Playing on her Blackberry. She ain't asked nary question and is in and out.

1:30 - Let me apologize to Master P. I underestimated this man. He is actually coherent and passionate. Dr. Dyson, are you listening? Dyson is such a prognostitute.

1:32 David Banner - Nobody talks to us! Every thing we do is always our faults. *continues to whine like a 3 year old. This is the House of Representatives not Toys R' Us*

1:34 Dr. Dyson gives us a laundry list of everybody that ever uttered a curse word. "All art should not make you feel good"

1:41 DAVID BANNER GOES BATSHYT CRAZY! Congress man beet red serves the crazy back. David Banner just arguing and yelling like a tiny tot. This is embarrassing.

Go Congressman Marky for not letting David Banner off the hook. Could you get better? David Banner says "I guess I could" BUT I AIN'T! *ignorance personified*