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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Panel Three FINALLY Starts - They Should Have Gone First

The hearing room is now empty. Congressmen and women are gone. Most of the audience that was packed in is gone when perhaps this is the panel most of these folks should have made sure they listened to.

My blood sugar is low. I haven't eaten since 8:00 this morning. They have to go vote in a few minutes so perhaps I can get a bite.

We took about a half hour break so that they could vote. It looks like the hearing is about to begin again. I was light headed, but I got to scarf down a boxed lunch from the canteen. Did you know that they do not pay taxes in the House?

WE'RE reconvening now. Hearing room even less populated. Only Congressman Rush is present and his Counsel. The visual is quite sad

Dr Rozjecki (sp) - Good information, but his tone is so monotonous and it is making me sleeping. No Congressmen present except for Rush.

Dr. E. Faye Williams - Notes that everybody has basically left. Putting everybody on notice. SheCodes is over here Amening over here. She should have gone first.

Backtracking... David Banner was holding court in the hall for some cameras. When I came back from the vending machine, a group of sisters had him corralled while his boys were tugging on him trying to get him out of there. SheCodes confronted him. We'll have her on the podcast when we get the chance.

Dr. E. Faye Williams - Brings up "Read a Book!" She's actually good. Brings up Anton Mohammed being shut out of the hearing. Who the heck is Anton Mohammed? I had never heard of him until today is this an East coast thing?

Lisa _ I spoke with her earlier. She's cool people. Focusing on a lack of diversity in concentrated media companies.

Written Statements- I just walked to pick up everybody's statements.

Lisa Continued - Hitting it out of the ballpark. Bringing up Payola.
Lisa- BET's largest audience segment is 12 to 17. I told y'all.

Dr. Dill - Oh awesome point about the fact that violent lyrics make boys and girls out to be enemies.