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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rush is the only Congressman left to ask questions of Panel 3

This should have so been reversed. This panel should have gone first.

Rush is talking out both of the sides of his mouth. He was preening and fawning over the entertainment execs and now he is oozing with empathy for Black women in front of the ONLY PANEL WITH WOMEN on it. Why didn't he ask the Execs this question?

"slippery slope" *drink*
Dr. Z. - Vicarious thrills? Rush asks Dr. Z to explain. Dr. Z says black folks define what it means to be cool for Whit folks.

Hip hop creating demand. Which Hip Hop is fulfilling. A vicious cycle according to Dr. Z.

Dr. Williams - All groups need to work together? Well what if the other members of the groups are dysfunctional. Finally points out that Rush pushed female witnesses to the last. She is calling out the fact that these entertainment companies gave Congressmen and women donations. How much did Butterfield get?

Lisa - Talking about the fact that stations have double digit numbers in the 12 to 17 year-olds, but never talk about them. Pointing out that record companies choose to support those artists that they want. 18 Million dollars in a marketing budget can do wonders. Also correlates videos appearing on MTV and BET with radio airplay and Billboard Charts.

Lisa- Artists don't need radio to sell. Scarface went gold and platinum without radio back in the days before the internet. Artists don't make money on radio.

Dr Dill just hit it out of the park. She pointed out the lunacy of David Banner whining about being in pain, and marginalizing another group ( THAT WOULD BE US!)