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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Viacom CEO says Rev. Coates is "Harassing Debra Lee at her Home"

Viacom's CEO just defended Debbie Lee's honor. "harassing one of my executives at her home" in referring to Pastor Coates and Enough and Enough. Well good. At least we know he is aware of the protests. MORE! MORE!

A big protest is breaking out right outside the hearing room. All the reporters are stampeding out to go check it out. Somebody said it was advocates for the disabled.

Rep Gonzales is bringing the heat. "We're kidding ourselves!" Go get 'em Texas holding it down.

Weiner, once again is demonstrating that he listens to Hip Hop. If this man name drops one more Hip Hop artist... We get it, you have an intern who helped you memorize all those names. Now ask a question or something.

SheCodes is having a fit. I'm glad she came. She's more radical than I am. Fun Times Fun Times!

Rep. Weiner- Will not be quiet. Now they are trying to blame the internet. His time is expired because he talked for his entire allotment.

WHY is this sister Congresswoman sitting up on the podium waving a church fan? I mean like a big ole Dollar General straw fan. She came in late so I don't know her name yet, but WHY did she pull out a big ole fan waving like she up in a hot church?

OH today's theme is that it is the Internet's fault.

OH OH. the audience is waking up folks are getting rowdy! Alfred Liggins wants to create a new school curriculum. Why doesn't Radio One make a huge donation to get things started? *crickets chirping*

Viacom is very proud of funding "Hot Ghetto Mess".