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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Celebrity Sightings at Break AND We finally get to the QUESTIONS! _ Its getting hot in here! FINALLY

They have four floor votes going on so we're at break.
I met Pastor Coates and Lisa Faeger (sp)of Industry Ears.

Debra Lee- Really a lot older in person. She's had a hard life. She seems really nervous. SheCodes went up to her and said she seemed frightened.

Dick Gregory - Looks exactly the same in person.

Saw Maxine Waters in the hall, she's shorter than I thought, but she was SHARP.

Michael Eric Dyson is giving an interview in front of me - Short

Alfred Liggins - Slow and disinterested ( What is the name of that disorder Bill Gate's has? Ausberger Syndrome?)- will not raise his head from his Blackberry, poor thing, but I asked him when the hell we are going to get to download TV One programming on I-tunes. He blew me off and said he would pass that on to "his people". He was nice about it though and then he went back to texting like a 17 year old .- Somebody said his Mama Kathy was around here somewhere.

Ben Chavis - OLD(er) than I thought

Shelia Jackson Lee just rolled through here.

Bobby Rush is throwing a party, his interns are papering the dayum room. I just came back to me seat and there was a flier laying on the laptop. Be gone pests! These dadgum party invitations are everywhere. Is this the "People's Business?"

SheCodes talked to Debra Lee. Debra Lee volunteered to participate in a forum SheCodes wants to hold. We're holding our breath wondering if Debbie Lee will show up. Perhaps we should have a special edition of the Black Women's Roundtable.

Here we go. Of course Rush starts with quoting Russell Simmons.

Is somebody going to ask a hard question? Rush's opening question was a bunch of foolishness.

Ranking Republican member (Stearns) - confronting head of Universal Music with 50 Cent and Cam'ron lyrics. Go get em! I guess the Republicans didn't get the memo. THAT'S what Viacom gets for not throwing them a reception tonight as part of CBC week. The ranking member is taking it to them. This is what I sat cramped in an airline seat to see. I am loving this!

Congressman Butterfield(NC) is Enraptured with Viacom - just gushing. Viacom CEO says he doesn't actually keep up with that what they put on the air. Viacom CEO is satisfied with his standards. Salutes Warner Music for the work that they do? Who the hell is this Congressman. He has to be a member of the CBC.

Shelly Blackburn says - wants them to respond to written questions. "Choices have consequences" Blackburn just asked them how much of their operating budgets do they spend on combating the the social ills that these artists are talking about.

WASSUP to the House staffers reading this blog. Yeah, I see y'all watching :) Come over and say hey!

Congressman Gonzalez is bringing the heat- Calling BS on the First Amendment and censorship arguments! Yeah yeah. We just spent TWO hours saying there isn't a dayum thing Congress can do, but what about corporate values and corporate responsibility? Do the companies have any?