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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And another thing.....Don Imus returning to the Airwaves " Rested, humbled and ready for war" With Whom?- Glamour Wars

Y'all remember Don Imus? You know the one that set in motion the chain of events that caused me to give up my evening job as a carb-inhaling couch potato and start this blog. Well ABC Radio

Gawker in their classic fashion points out the lack of any outrage from the usual suspects. Oh just give folks time.

The Rutgers women's basketball team doesn't care if sad old coot Don Imus returns to the radio. Al Sharpton doesn't really care either (though he will be "monitoring"). GAWKER
I want y'all to read this transcript and tell me that the transcriber does not have it in for Fox News. Take a screen capture of what I hope is a typo before Fox fixes this. If this ain't a typo, then somebody is really stupid.
HEATHER NAUERT, CO-HOST: That's right, the radio cowboy has reportedly napped a brand new eight figure deal, bringing him back to the airwaves starting December 3. A source tells the Drudge Report that Don Imus is "Rested, humbled and ready for war."

That transcriber is not funny. They did that on purpose.

Glamour Wars- A definite DON'T- Ignorance Personified

According to American Lawyer magazine, the editor showed a slide of an African-American female wearing an afro. "A real no-no, announced the Glamour editor to the 40 or so lawyers in the room. As for dreadlocks: How truly dreadful! The style maven said it was 'shocking' that some people still think it 'appropriate' to wear those hairstyles at the office. 'No offense,' she sniffed, but those 'political' hairstyles really have to go."SOURCE

I have gotten tons of emails about this incident where an editor of Glamour decided to give her advice on Black women's hairstyles at a law firm. She basically said naturals were a NO NO. Well the aftermath hasn't been fun and the backlash has been fueled by Black bloggers YEAH! I keep telling y'all the revolution will not be televised.

Well Afrobella ( ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGS!) gives the latest and gives a great post that basically chronicles the history of the original comments, the aftermath, Glamour's response, the resignation of the editor, and now, the editor is telling her side of the story.

Afrobella also weighed in on her thoughts on the Cosby appearance on Meet the Press.