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Monday, October 15, 2007

UPDATE: BET Uses Members of the Jena 6 as Presenters at Hip Hop Awards- Kat Williams Wears noose around neck on the red carpet.

Hat Tip to Attorneymom over at Character Corner via Sandra Rose. Two members of the Jena 6 were presenters at the BET Hip Hop honors.

Bossip is covering their appearance under Random Ridiculousness.

Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones of the Jena 6 were stuntin it up on the red
carpet this weekend at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Look at them rollin up to the hip
hop awards and kickin it at after parties like the Jena 6 is a rap group or
something. BOSSIP

Concrete Loop has pics of them as well:

Word is they spoke a little bit about the case before presenting the award for
best Best Hip Hop Video. Concrete

Um, Why are these two at an after party sponsored by a hard liquor company? SMH. SMH.

UPDATE: More bloggers voicing misgivings about whether BET should have paraded these two on stage.

Stereohyped has a picture of them on stage:
If you’re wondering who those two gentleman are on stage with Kanye West and Katt Williams at the BET Awards, they are Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis. Still don’t know? They are a third of the infamous Jena Six. It appears they were flown to Atlanta and given some new clothes and the honor of presenting an award. I’m not sure how I feel about the move to make celebrities out of these kids, who should probably be somewhere doing school work or attending to their world-famous legal troubles. This all seems inappropriately celebratory. These kids don’t deserve “special” racist treatment from their local DA or their peers. But I’m not sure if they deserve this kind of special treatment either. SOURCE
NPR's Blog Asks if the two are the latest rap group and whether their presence at the awards undermines the gravity of the situation in Jena:

Though their cohort Mychal Bell is back behind bars, that didn't stop the two from hamming it up for the cameras (even holding up the number six with their fingers).

What does it say about the culture's celebrity obsession that these two would be feted as stars? Do you think their participation in the award show undermines the gravity of the situation in Jena, La.? SOURCE

Jasmyne Cannick weighed in.

While I'm glad to see that all of our efforts have paid off and they're moving on with life living it up, I hope this isn't the extent of their community involvement and their idea of saying thank you to the millions of people who fought hard to make sure that their case became national news. SOURCE
The hits keep on coming. Happy Nappy Head thinks that the way that they are dressed reinforces stereotypes.
Why would they show up to the BET Hip Hop Awards anyway? While they were getting a raw deal, they aren't heroes either. Beating down Justin Barker like a bunch of punks wasn't a noble act. Instead of going to Atlanta to enjoy debauchery and drama, shouldn't they be at home with their families and learning humility?

I'm going to be honest. These two young men were not granted legal fairness when their charges didn't match their crime. While I believe they should be punished, 25 years to life for a beat down was unreasonable. Their opponents already assumed that they were gang banging thugs and shiftless Negroes who were up to no good, even if they HAD no priors (with the exception of Mychal Bell). They were the object of stereotypes already and thousands descended on Jena 6 to prove that they weren't just another stereotype and as such should be treated with fairness. Why would you repay the hard work of so many activists, of all races, by dressing in a manner that just screams "I'm just like the stereotypes. You might be right about me?" SOURCE
I ain't obsessed with the clothing as much as I am troubled that their parents didn't maybe suggest bypassing the red carpet and the after parties.

Trust that there will be MORE after party pics surfacing.

Even BET's blog is asking "What's Wrong With this Picture?" Um Excuse me? You company is the one that flew them out, dressed them up, and threw them to the lions on your red carpet. Teenagers are inherently stupid on some level of course if you said "Hey, wanna fly out to Atlanta and be on stage with Kanye West?" they were going to say yes. I mean if somebody had asked me to fly out to meet michael Jackson ( pre-crazy), I would have been excited to go too. Some grown up should have nipped this in the bud and BET never should have made the offer in the first place. SO selfish. So selfish to the core they are selfish to the core.

hmmm this is one of those bubbling and simmering blogging phenomenons. Folks are tap dancing around this right now. Taking in the lay of the land. We'll see what folks are saying after the show airs. If they are still in any legal peril, this was not a bright move on their part. IMHO

As if we didn't already know Kat Williams is a FOOL

I saw this picture of Kat Williams and it didn't register that the thing around his neck was a noose. I think I was distracted by the florescent pink outfit and the uncombed perm. Attorneymom ask "Is this REALLY FUNNY?" Um NO!

Your thoughts?