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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bill Cosby on Meet the Press With Dr. Alvin Poussaint: Rejecting the Concubine Conspiracy -- Tyler Perry (mini review)

I have previously posted on the Concubine Conspiracy(c). Well Bill Cosby and Dr. Alvin Poussaint were talking about it on Meet the Press. Cosby and Poussaint have a new book out called

At about minute 12:00 he calls out BET. Bob Johnson should be firing off an angry letter any time now. *begins watching watch and tapping toe*
NBC Meet the Press Netcast
NBC Meet the Press Netcast

Yes, I know folks have "issues" with Cosby, but Poussaint and Cosby laid it all out. The Concubine Conspiracy has consequences. The show is Black male centered, but at least someone is talking about the disintegration of the Black family. Cosby is calling everybody out in this book. I guess I am going to go have to pay a trip to the library. Tim Russert mentions Dyson at minute 40:00 Hmm I wonder how long it will take Michael Eric Dyson, Hip Hop's Prognostitute-in-Chief will weigh in with some foolishness.

What Say You?

Why Did I get Married= Why Folks Ought to Stay Single

I saw the movie.Apparently so did everyone else since it is the top movie out this week. It is Tyler Perry's best effort. He has finally comprehended the need not to hit the audience over the head. He still thinks a gospel song medley and calling on the Almighty can cure drug addictions, raise the dead, heal broken marriages, cure domestic violence, and just about anything else in about two minutes and two seHe still takes things to the extreme and he still is hating on professional Black women ( there is a back story there), but I can't knock any movie that brings Lamman Rucker to the big screen *screams "I love him!" and reaches for the screen right before my friend elbows me in the movie *Just beautiful, and Tyler put him with Jill Scott. Whew! I wish I was "Shelia" in that General Store. Talk about wanting to "touch and agree." I digress.

The audience in my theater was multicultural about half and half Hispanic and Black. You will not believe the number of my non African American coworkers over the years that admit to watching Tyler Perry movies/plays. SCARY! No I do not want to talk about Madea with you at work! No I do not want to see you reenact a scene from a Tyler Perry movie/stage play in the workplace. NO, I do not want to know how much you love Madea standing in the hallway. No I will not explain the cultural significance of Madea, M'Dear Ma'Dear, My Dear or 'Dear

It wasn't Shakespeare, but it wasn't " Diary of a Mad Black Woman" either. Loved the scenery, loved the costumes, loved the makeup. Hated Janet Jackson's hair, the heavy handed humiliation ( I mean really at some point Shelia's story is just difficult to watch), hated all the method acting crying scenes and Tyler's insistence on the continuous camera shot ( at one point I got dizzy), hate the blue collar man always getting harranged by the "successful" Black wife. We get it Tyler, you think professional Black women are the Devil. Yes, Madea makes an appearance in the movie. I don't think it was intentional, but if you pay attention ( or close your eyes) she shows up.

What say you?