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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bob Johnson... Go Sit Down Somewhere and Count Your Billions - Bob Johnson Attacks Congressman for Telling the Truth

I know some of y'all feel as if I pick on THAT NETWORK, but believe you me, I would nothing more than to ignore them, but they keep doing STUPID STUFF. Bob Johnson, Multimedia crack dealer himself just can't sit back and count the billions. Johnson, who apparently was too busy to attend the hearings last week had the AUDACITY to try to cry racism when Congressman Markey gave a pretty accurate description of BET. All the Congressman said was :

He was encouraged by BET’s new shows, but said, “Frankly, it has a long way to go to make up for much of its previous programming.” SOURCE

Now Bob Johnson, who we already know is a control freak, responded with a disproportionate response filled with foolishness. It is hard to fake moral indignation when everybody knows that you are IMMORAL

“Your unjustified and ill-informed attack on BET’s programming . . . suggests you know what is best for Black people, and in this case what Black people want to or need to see,” Johnson wrote in the letter, according to Broadcast & Cable Magazine. “And (it) is also a vivid example of why we need to keep the government out of free and creative expression.”

Um isn't Bob Johnson describing BET's executive leadership? Aren't they the ones that ignore the pleas of Black people as a matter of course and determine what Black people want or need to see? When has BET EVER been interested in what we NEED to see? Isn't Bob Johnson's letter a vivid example of why he needs to keep counting his billions and buying up losing sports franchises. Oh but Bobby J didn't stop there, he decided to go all BLACK POWER on Markey:

BET founder Robert Johnson, who fired off a terse letter to Markey’s office, hammering the congressman’s criticism as rooted in “liberal white paternalism.”

Okay folks, I just need to you jot a quick e-mail to basically say: Bob Johnson is wrong and Markey is right. Because Bob is trying to all of a sudden be DOWN for the cause running around calling people "white liberal paternalists"Nah, that would be YOU Bob Johnson!

You can call Markey's Washington, DC office at 202.225.2836 or email

Now the hearings were a complete dog and pony show, BET had NOTHING to worry about coming out of those hearings, but Bobby J is such a megalomaniac, that he couldn't stomach a scintilla of forgotten criticism ( I mean when David Banner is on tape acting a FOOL, who cares what Markey said?). He could have just kept counting his billions instead of writing letter, nobody would have even paid attention to, but NO, he has to keep fighting to stay relevant. Don't you have another "Who's Your Caddy to Produce?"

Seriously, don't let Johnson pull this foolishness, take three minutes to drop Congressman Markey an email or call to just respectfully disagree with Bob. I will be reading my letter to Congressman Markey on the WAOD Podcast this Thursday at 8:00PM CST. Oh it's another classic in the making.

Why can't BET just ACT RIGHT for like a month or something?

Hat Tip to Essential Presence

Read the original article in the industry-friendly Broadcasting and Cable.