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Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Love is a TWO WAY STREET"- Comment on the Podcast: McClurkin, Obama, Hutchinson

The following is a message from SheCodes. I read it during our podcast on Obama, Donnie McClurkin, and Ed Ofari Hutchinson:

At the end of the day, all of the maladies in the black community are rooted in damaged belief systems, and the immoral choices that are the natural result of those beliefs. Blacks have caught hell from the immoral choices of the white establishment. Blacks are adding gasoline to our own hell by making immoral choices in response to our situation. It really does not matter how many protests black people make, or how many programs that we implement. No political revolution is going to knit the hearts of black people together, and no book, mantra, club, can re-form the nucleus of the black family.

What Black America needs is a revolution of the heart. A change in the prevailing thinking of blacks. A change in the prevailing thinking of whites.

The real purpose of the Christian church is to assist those who seek that revolution of the heart. The church was never intended to become a social club for the so-called 'righteous'. It is to provide a clear pathway for those who are on a journey seeking the Truth, and to protect those who are on ALL LEVELS of that journey.

Jesus spent most of His time with social outcasts. Unlike some Christians today, He showed tremendous love to prostitutes, tax collectors, and Samaritans. Jesus said, 'I did not come for those who are well, but for those who are sick'. The problem is, we all think that we are the healthy ones, and everyone else is sick. The reality is, we are all sick. We believe sick things about ourselves, and each other. We behave in sick ways toward each other.

There is a HUGE difference between the ecumenical Church (otherwise known as the 'Body of Christ') and the organized church (who are those who physically meet up and sing praises together on Sunday). The ecumenical church consists of those people who have made a profound decision to embrace the unconditional love of God, and to transform their belief systems and behaviors to mirror the creative, loving power of God. You can belong to one church without belonging to the other.

That being said, there is no organization that gives more to the poor, cares more for the sick, feeds more of the hungry, and clothes more of the naked, than the organized Christian church. The church mans thousands of half-way houses, shelters, and homes and asks for nothing in return. I have never seen one homosexual turned away at a soup kitchen. I was there in the 1990's when the black church took in thousands of gay men who were suffering and dying from AIDS, when their own physicians refused to touch them. I was there and saw black grandmothers who couldn't even say the word 'homosexual' out loud -- pray for and hold dying men in their arms and love them into eating the food they personally prepared for them. I now see these same black, praying grandmothers being demonized and reviled by the same people who they helped to raise.


I apologize to anyone who has been harmed by the organized church. We are all broken vessels, needing to further the grace and mercy of our Creator. SHECODES
Shecodes is the more diplomatic and mature version of moi.

The podcast is now up BlogTalkRadio

Winner of the "Quote of the Night" Award: Johnny

"Attorneymom it is not your job to reprimand them. You are no one's Holy Ghost"-Johnny from the Black Women's Roundtable October 25, 2007.

Attorneymom(86:10) and BlackSeaGoat(89:04) ALMOST won, but they were disqualified for interrupting my poignant closing commentary.

If you had to wait on the phone to get in and gave up then I'm sorry, but everyone that hung in there got to speak at the end all mics were live and anyone still on the line could have gotten in.

Great show. I was worried y'all would cut up, but for the most part folks behaved although I had to impose the mute button on Attorneymom and BlackSeaGoat.

Our Topic was Obama, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, and Barack Obama.

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