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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Manchild Levell Crump's "Ignorance Personified" Tour Continues- The Modern Slave Auctioneer Will not Shut Up

You know our resident one-hit-wonder-Oprah-Bashing-Congressional-testifying ig'nant rapper de jour Manchild Levell Crump is at it again:

“Tip was feeding this man’s family. We don’t do it like that, dog. We don’t talk to them boys. However it went down, we sit down [and do the jail time,] where I’m from. Dude, you don’t tell it. You hope the people you holding down is man enough to hold your people down. [The bodyguard] wasn’t a convicted felon, my dude. He could have held [Tip] down. We gotta start making the environment in our neighborhoods not conducive to snitching. How I’m doing this song, I’mma make it uncomfortable for snitches.” Manchild Levell Crump a.k.a David Banner talking about the arrest of rapper T.I.
Now why is David Banner saying this mess? Well because this one-hit-wonder has been has a new single out called "Free T.I.P.":

In the song, Banner warns: "You ain't have to run to the feds, we don't do it like that. ... But I got a remedy for these snitches at the crib, you can never come home, I know where you live." SOURCE
Now 50 Cent has come about as close as anybody in the Hip Hop Industrial Complex to saying "You are in jail because you did something stupid and you ought to accept the consequences":
"If he gets 10 years, that ain't bad," 50 added, assessing T.I.'s charges and the evidence the feds have claimed to have against him. "If the security person is already telling, it's obvious that's their witness. They got tapes, they got all this. ... [If it was me,] I would have to tell the people I did it and sit down for a minute. Nobody wants to hear that you have to stay 10 years nowhere. It's not a good thing, period. It's unfortunate, but he got himself in that space. ... I don't know the real facts. Maybe he didn't do it; let's keep our fingers crossed." SOURCE
Even rampant misogynist and teen abuser Akon basically puts the fault ultimately on T.I. for getting himself in that situation ( of course he hem haws over him being set up)

"It's obvious he was set up," he said. "But sometimes when you're in a position of that stature and you're that big ... you just don't allow that energy around you. You have to have people around you to let you know or avoid that energy. Even if he was a [gun] collector, naturally, you get a license to collect. That's just common sense. ... At that stage where he's at, he don't need to protect himself. You hire legitimate law enforcement, or you hire people who are licensed to carry [guns]. Surround them around you and you'll be safe. You get to a certain point where they say, 'You can take the kid out the ghetto, but you can never take the ghetto out the kid,' " Akon continued. "T.I. was experiencing that for a minute." SOURCE

So the only one spouting absolute total foolishness is the ever opportunistic snap dragon, Manchild Levell Crump aka David Banner.

You know it is a cold day in Hades when I have to cosign 50 Cent. Manchild Crump a.k.a David Banner is a fraud. This is a college educated man who knows exactly what he is doing and that is what makes his behavior so sociopathic. He knows better and he has enough sense to understand the carnage he is promoting and nurturing. He can't hide behind the whole " I didn't have an opportunity" excuse. He is doing this on purpose and this is all calculated.

You see David Banner or Manchild Levell Crump is a a modern day slave auctioneer and he is selling Black America down river so that he can get paid. He isn't railing against the system, he is part of the system and is marching his own people to their own doom. Well guess what Manchild Crump, when you get through doing "The System's" dirty work, THE SYSTEM will get rid of you too.

When Black on Black crime is ridiculously out of control. Folks are firebombing and killing entire Black families. People's homes are being ransacked and set ablaze. Folks are refusing to help the police hunt down murderers and rapists, this ig'nant money grubbing traitor is trying to promote his next album by saying we need to continue to foster a culture where African Americans refuse to cooperate with police to solve crimes committed against other Black people. This isn't ignorance personified, this is evil personified.

Let's speak plainy shall we.. David Banner wants to promote firebombing your house with your children in it so they can burn to death in their bedrooms. David Banner wants to destroy us, our children, our communities, our legacies so that he can purchase more overly-tight-ill-fitting-suits to wear when he goes back in front of Congress to tell us about his pain and depression. So don't tell me any foolishness about poverty, society and THE SYSTEM. This man has been given every privilege, and he is using that privilege to destroy us all.

Manchild Crump's parents must be so very very proud. His university should demand that he return his diploma. I wonder what Michael Eric Dyson, Hip Hop's Prognostitute-in-Chief has to say about this?

Jesus.Just. Just. Just. TAKETHEWHEEL!

What say you? ( This commentor at Bossip had an interesting way to deal with David Banner/ Manchild Crump)