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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dunbar Village Update: "Stop Snitching on Steroids"- Jailhouse Letters

"She believed they were targeted because she called the police some time ago because three people threw garbage around her apartment complex," according to a police report. And she would not allow her son to associate with residents of another apartment. SOURCE

We've been covering the Dunbar Village story for a little over two months. You can click here to read all of our archived stories on Dunbar Village. Its a gruesome story that quite frankly takes a bunch out of me to read the latest gruesome fact to be revealed, but you should prepare yourself for more. 1,200 pages of documents were recently released by the prosecutors. A new flurry of stories is popping up at the suspects now in custody hurdle towards Florida's speedy trial deadline. Symphony over at Essential Presence is on top of it. Here are all of her Dunbar Village posts.

Seems two of the suspects are exchanging letters to each other. Symphony has an excellent rundown of what they were talking about in these jailhouse letters:
Deputies seized two letters from 14-year-old Avion Lawson, whose DNA was found on a condom left at the rape scene. A letter Lawson picked up in front of co-defendant Jakaris Taylor's cell says "real niggas don't take pleas," but the writer urges Lawson to do so..."But they no you wuz in the house so just stick up to it bro ... they really do got yo DNA," the letter says.SOURCE

Trying to figure out if the other suspects are turning on them.
There is, though, a transcript of a phone conversation Lawson had while using a phone at the police station. In it, he complains that another suspect, a 14-year-old not charged, is ratting him out in the interview room next door. He says the female detective knew a lot details about the crime that she otherwise would not have known. SOURCE
I remind you that potentially SIX gang rapists are still running around on the loose. Where is the manhunt? Where is the request for assistance from the public? Prepare yourselves, this will get worse.

Thank You

I want to thank all of the readers and bloggers who have been keeping on top of this story. This is a hard story to cover because you know that every time you click on an article, it is going to contain yet another example of pure unadulterated foolishness, stupidity and inhumanity. This weekend I got an email basically imploring me to shut up about it. I won't. I've added both a blog and a news feed to the side bar to pick automatically pick up stories about Dunbar Village.

Beyond the horrific crime, the response from government has been way past poor and we need to talk about that. Why? Because nobody else will. Instead the news is obsessed with Ellen's dog Iggy. It is nice to know where our priorities are.