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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Black Womens' Roundtable in the Can - We Talked About Cosby Cosby Cosby and oh yeah Tyler Perry Too (Two Guys Invaded the Panel)

Whew well this time we only went 1 hour an 30 minutes. We are doing better. Click the icon to listen.

Dunbar Village Update

We had a wonderful update from Symphony on the foolishness in West Palm Beach, FL related to Dunbar Village to see Symphony's posts on Dunbar Village go here. You can find all the WAOD posts about Dunbar Village by going here.

Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married

All three panelists went into the movie with extremely low expectations, and even Professor Tracey had to concede that the movie was not as dreadful as some of his earlier attempts. We saw some growth. We also agreed that he did lots of things that took the audience out of the movie. Like his obsession with crying scenes, Janet Jackson's hair and Jill Scott's humiliations. I forgot to say Lamman Rucker five times during the podcast as I had planned.

Men Invade the Roundtable to Talk About Fatherhood and Cosby

We don't discriminate at the Black Women's Roundtable and some intrepid brothers dared to wade in when we got to our discussion on Cosby's new book, Come On People. Geno Jones who wrote our third installment in our series WAOD Lets a Brother Speak on DV, decided to chime in on the devaluation of the role of the father.

To see a recap of Cosby's Oprah appearance you can go here
Symphony, Tammi, Geno, Professor Tracey and Moi had it out on this issue.

A good time was had by all.