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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gina vs. Attorneymom on this Week's WAOD Podcast

It's the clash of the blogging titans. Two lawyers go head to head as the creator of WAOD is joined by the WAOD "Resident Contrarian", Attorneymom from Character Corner.

We'll be joined by Pastor Coates of the Enough is Enough .

I want to take this opportunity to invite Debra Lee to join us. Attorneymom will protect you. So all the BET employees who read this blog, let her know she is welcome.

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2007
Time: 8:00PM CST 9:00PM EST
Call In:(646) 478-4750

Join in on the fun.

Since Attorneymom's readers think the new podcast is boring, listen to the classic podcasts from back in the day when the blog and the podcast each had a distinct flavor. This is one of my all time favorite shows, Black Women: One Ham Hock Away From A Heart Attack( You have to click "PLAY" to hear the show). Listen to the difference in my voice back in the day when I was a young baby blogger just having fun. I sound so young and excited. I miss that.

I'm trying to get back to shows like this where we talk about different stuff than we talk about on the blog.

UPDATE: Kitty made up tickets. You not right.
WHY is Attorneymom training with Ali for this show tomorrow?
*Picks up the phone to call my MAMA. "Mama, activate the prayer circle!"*