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Friday, October 5, 2007

Viacom to Pastor Coates...Get of Debra Lee's Front Lawn...OR ELSE! Debra Lee Sends Goons to Pastor's Church

Taking a page from J. Edgar Hoover, Viacom beginning an assault on Pastor Delman Coates in an effort to force Enough is Enough from Debra Lees front lawn. Suddenly member s from Debra Lee's security team are showing up at Pastor Coates Church. Pastor Coates also says that BET is transcribing his Sunday sermons and passing them around BET headquarters. Coates says that they've hired a public relations firm to come after him.

They've begun an organized campaign and have partnered with members of the African American media Elite Establishment including Courtland Milloy, Michele Martin, and Russ Parr to launch attacks against church going folks which from the video has been peaceful and consists of children, the elderly, and mothers and fathers.

Now Viacom and Debra Lee have even enlisted help from a "congregant" at Rev. Coates' church to launch an anonymous attack on Coates. But wait, if you had a problem with your pastor, wouldn't a "GOOD CHRISTIAN" confront him to his face or at least send a cc of the letter to the subject in question? Why send it anonymously to a blog? If God is on your side, step out into the light! Why all the subterfuge. What is done in the dark will come to the light.

I warned Pastor Coates that Viacom was coming after him. I mean Viacom employees crafted libelous statements about me and published them on the internet and Reginald Hudlin's message board. They even plotted out in the open on Hudlin's message board.

So it appears that Debra Lees's front lawn will be the site of one of the first skirmishes in the War Between Black Folks with Commons Sense and those without. We are clearly seeing which side folks are on.

So I have some questions...

Why is Debra Lee sending her security guards to visit the pastor? Why is BET transcribing the Pastor's Sunday sermons and passing them arond the office? Why has the Black Elite Establishment rallied to protect the woman who green lighted Hot Ghetto Mess, Hell Date, Read a M$^&*#ng Book, and Socially Offensive Behavior, and WHERE WAS ALL THIS OUTRAGE WHEN BET RAN 'Uncut' for SIX YEARS?