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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Manchild Levell Crump Continues his "Ignorance Personified" Tour- Male Hip Hop Artists STILL Obsessed with Oprah

Manchild Levell Crump a.k.a David Banner has been able to parlay his 15 minutes of fame following his appearance at the congressional hearing on September 25, 2007 into 16 minutes. Unfortunately it appears his publicity stunt is working. Fortunately for us, his delusional rantings runneth over so we have a veritable cornucopia of foolishness from whence to draw new material. Rolling Stone has the entire list of Banner's top five complaints ( As if we care). If he is going to be Hip Hop's latest defender, I say let him keep talking. He's taking them right over a cliff.

Come on, Oprah. You’re from Mississippi, girl. I don’t mind what you do as a black leader, but if you’re not going to take up for black people, then don’t criticize them. You don’t have to talk about us — stick to your books. When you talked about us, you didn’t put T.I., Nelly and Snoop on there. You put Common on there, and Common don’t call women bitches and ho’s, so you’re not talking about him, so he shouldn’t have to defend something he does not do. But if you notice, that same week, she had a birthday party, and they showed her shaking her ass to 50 Cent. So we talk about positive music, but American people don’t buy it. I want you to go buy Talib Kweli. Go buy it! Please do! I don’t care what kind of rap you buy, just by rap music. As long as we leave rap here for another generation, I don’t care what kind of rap it is gangsta , international rap, Russian rap, country and western rap, I don’t give a shit. But the thing is, we are hypocrites. We say we want this, but we really want the WWF. We really want Sex and the City.” Manchild Crump Speaking to Rolling Stone. Hat Tip to Crunk & Disorderly

Do y'all wonder why all these hip hop artists are obsessed with Oprah? Like any good misogynist, they can't stand the idea of a woman not being their foot stool. Just her existence threatens them. Their manhood is so precarious that the fact that Oprah breathes air unsettles them. They can't control her so of course they want to try to insult her.

I mean other than TWO shows about the hip hop industry's obsession with denigrating Black women in over twenty years of the Oprah show, what did Oprah EVER do to hip hop. If anything Black women could be more upset that she hasn't said more.

So the message is clear, wimmin' folk need to cowtow to these menchildren or they'll throw temper tantrums in the press.

I know Oprah could care less what some washed up one-hit-wonder has to say, but really we ought not let this foolishness go unchallenged. They are counting on people not responding and when we do respond, they'll whine that we didn't take them aside an speak to them first as Manchild Crump continues to pout about on those rare occasions when MSM deigns to give him a soap box.