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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The White Progressive Blogosphere Takes Aim at the Black Church... It Ain't Pretty!

Y'all know that I am a frequent critic of the Black church, but in preparing for my NPR appearance today which MAY include a discussion on the Obama McClurkin controversy, I have been reading the comments section on many of these White "progressive" blogs. No matter how you feel about the Black church, you need to scroll through the comments sections of some of these blogs:

It makes it hard for a white liberal progressive to feel good about his lifelong commitment to fight against racism. I can not tell you how many white people - straight and gay - feel betrayed now that we see the black community is full of bigots itself. Comment by RJP3

There's hate-mongering and then there's prejudice-mongering...this whole uproar is a perfect example of the latter. Comment by Michael

There has not been a peep from the gay community on Hillary's endorsement by anti-gay black ministers. This is a terrible double standard. Hillary never has had the guts to say the word "gay" in any speech she ever gave to a broad audience; she saves it for fundraisers to gay civil rights group. In Obama's first speech to a national audience, when no one would have demanded that he address the point, he did anyway on his own, because that's where his heart is. He famously said, "We have gay friends in the Red states," trying to get everyone to see the humanity in others. When we start judging candidates by the personal views of people who just get up on stage on sing for them, we've really lost our way Comment by Stan.

These Christian "holier than thou" make me want to up-chuck. They are some of the biggest sinners and ego-driven morons on the planet. I would much rather see people practice their faith than run for repentence after they screw their fellow man, and lately, they have been doing this quite often, figuratively & literally! Repugssuck

Christians who take the bible literally are spiritual terrorists. They should be treated as enemy combatants. AnotherTry

Having just attended a 2 day Camp Obama training that was hosted at HRC's headquarters this past weekend, I find it hard to believe that the Obama campaign would "use" homophobia for political ends. What purpose would it serve? More likely this is poor vetting of an unknown entertainer. xcrunner77 ( calling Donnie McClurkin an "unknown" entertainer)

Hey, so I'm wondering what kind of protests we can plan at Obama campaign stops? They need to be whimsical, bitchy, and embarrassing as hell. All suggestions are welcome. Maybe carry signs saying "I am a man." Joe Aravosis

He'll stand for ANYTHING...except bigotry against brown people. Your Uncle Bastard on Americablog

So if he's got mcgurk, and now marymary, who will he add to the religion tour next? Phred Phelps? Since obama is going down that road, it would only make sense. Rickc on America Blog

Like I said before, I'm sick and tired of blacks crying "Racism" when it suits them, but when someone else (non-black)are put down, blacks are quiet. What gives? I'm no longer a supporter of blacks like I was when I was in college. Let's get real, Obama isn't electable.

No because it is true. The Black community tends to be homophobic. They tend to be anti-intellectual as well. Blame the first on traditional religion and the second on rap/thug culture.

I'm not insinuating a damn thing, let me be perfectly clear, some people are being very racists. And not to be accused of playing a race-card, just take a look at a good number of the posts. If race wasn't an issue, why do SOOOOOOO many people keep saying things about how "black people" don't speak up? Or how those "black christians" are so intolerant/inbreed/simple minded/homophobic. But hey, no racism here.

I could LIVE with Edwards remarks that he was "Struggling" and "conflicted" even though they are not the IDEAL stance that I would like to see a candidate have. At least he doesnt call us EVIL PEOPLE and start a CRUSADE AGAINST US who are just trying to live our lives the best we can.Donnie McClurkin is to GAYS what David Duke is to African Americans....I wish people could understand this. Sandy on MyDD

What's interesting to me is that McClurkin is very famous to anyone who listens to black radio. Yet the blogsophere seems to be totally ignorant of him, so that he can be turned into an anti-gay symbol by gay bloggers. An American Idol singer was accused of being anti-gay for singing a Mary Mary song, so this seems to be a standard tactic. JohnDE on MyDD

A gay co-worker of mine in Chicago had his throat cut for no other reason than getting caught walking down the street in "Boys Town". A child of mine is gay.
I ain't gay myself, but when people encourage bigotry against gays -- there are plenty out here doing it including a shocking number of black religious figures--- and when supposed black leaders passively countenance it, I feel it viscerally.
It's safe to bash gays, to exclude and discriminate against them. Among much of the black church it's the accepted norm. Barack hasn't shown guts anywhere else. If he wound not stand up to Bush or powerful interests, why should we expect him to stand up for the unpopular, for the gay. Why?
Bruce Dixon on Jack & Jill Politics

Wow, the Lord works in "Mysterious" ways. These folk might be able to accomplish a task that all the prayer's of Mama's prayer circle have been unable to do up to this point, defend the Black church against a wholesale assault.

We need to think about doing that t-shirt thing to highlight folks silence on Dunbar Village too. I like that showing up at campaign stops idea. We can print up T-shirts that say "Obama - Clinton - Edwards Don't Care About Black Women and Girls"

We'll be talking about this on the WAOD Podcast. Thursday at 8:00PM CST. Jasmyne Cannick and Terrance from Republic of T have agreed to come on.

Blackseagoat, have a little faith in me. In case you haven't figured out, I ain't a fan of sanctimonious church folk, but how do we have any kind of dialog if folks refuse to talk to each other? I'm not gon' invite folks on my podcast and then let folks be nasty to them and if folks try, they know that they will be hit with the big ole MUTE button.

Obama has added an openly gay minister to the lineup at the concert
In response to an uproar from gay activists, Democrat Barack Obama's presidential campaign on Thursday added a gay minister to the lineup for its Obama's campaign invited Rev. Andy Sidden, a South Carolina pastor who is openly gay, to appear on Sunday in Columbia. Obama discussed Sidden's inclusion Thursday with Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, which supports gay rights.weekend gospel tour. SOURCE