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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

File under "What in the HECK Were They Thinking?" - Jena 6 Myspace Pics Show up on Gossip Blogs

Last week we told y'all about two members of the Jena 6 styling and profiling on the red carpet and at after parties at the BET Hip Hop Awards. At the time I told y'all that more pictures were going to come out about their hijinks at the after parties.

Well new pictures have come out. Except these are of ANOTHER Jena 6 teen and they are taken from a Myspace page (FYI Myspace is the work of the Devil!). Take it from one who knows... print outs of Myspace pages ARE showing up in legal proceedings. Bossip has up a YouTube clip that someone made of Robert Bailey, Jr.'s Myspace page.

This is worse than Blood Diamond Russ’ partner Ben Chavis spending NAACP donations to keep a sex deal quiet or Blood Diamond Russ defending blood diamonds in Africa while being on the payroll of the diamond industry. BOSSIP

And you KNOW Sandra Rose was not going to let this slide after the pure unadulterated HELL folks gave her over her stance on the Jena 6:

It does my heart good to see these clean cut young men putting the money away and not spending it frivolously on material things like jewelry. It also makes me smile to see that these young men are involving themselves in social networking sites like Myspace.com where they interact with other youths who share similar interests. They look like such good boys. I'm sure that the cash you sent them will not be squandered and is in fact sitting in their college funds while they go over the many applications they've received from historical black schools. After watching this video I take back everything I said about them. SANDRA ROSE

Again, as I asked when the pictures of the two at the BET Awards popped up: WHERE IN THE HECK ARE THE PARENTS AND THE LAWYERS???? They are basically teenagers. Teenagers do stupid things, but some grownup needs to step in and tell these folks to settle down AT LEAST until the final disposition of their cases.

A separate discussion should ensue about the SOURCE of the Youtube Video. There is definitely an orchestrated campaign underway to undermine the Jena 6 "movement' so it bears questioning who is behind it, but these folks are just making it too easy. Back in the day folks used to say "THE BLOCK IS HOT" in other words... go sit down somewhere.

Stop by Bossip and read the comments to their post.