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Monday, November 12, 2007



The Jena 6 story was initially broken by KAYT 88.1 FM Radio Talk Show Host Tony Brown. For approximately one year prior to the Jena 6 story reaching national attention, Mr. Brown was in the trenches working to bring public attention and justice to the Jena 6 defendants.

Also in the trenches with Tony Brown and the Jena 6 families, was Pastor Brian Moran, who is the young preacher from Jena, Louisiana, who, allowed the Jena 6 families to meet at the church he ministers, after they were turned away by other local black ministers.

Both men worked tirelessly with the local chapter of the NAACP to address the injustice that was generated by unequal treatment of the Jena 6 teens by local parish Prosecutor.

Click here to hear an interview with Tony Brown and Pastor Brian Moran. This eye-opening interview was given on September 11th on Victory Waters Speak on blogradio.com. In the interview you can hear Mr. Brown's concerns (albeit subtle) about radio talk show personalities being involved in the Jena 6 fight.

I did not post about the "beef" between the local NAACP and Michael Baisden and Al Sharpton because I did not want to highlight my disappointment with Michael Baisden and the Rev. Sharpton. It seemed that Rev. Sharpton and Baisden held their own rally without consulting the local NAACP who initially organized the Jena 6 demonstration that took place in October. Click here to read Mr. Brown’s post regarding the tension between the NAACP and Baisden.

In fact, radio talk show personality and Attorney Warren Ballentine publicly denounced Michael Baisden’s “highjack” of the Jena 6 March. I guess after a scolding from Rev. Sharpton, Mr. Ballentine tempered his speech toward Mr. Baisden.

I feel that the most important people involved in the Jena 6 case have been pushed aside for more popular representatives who really do not have the grassroots connection to the case and the Jena 6 families to ensure that the fiascoes like the one caused by Baisden against Color of Change do not occur.

Do you think that Mr. Baisden consulted with Tony Brown or any other Jena 6 family members besides Mychal Bell's father prior to launching his attack against Color of Change?

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