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Saturday, November 17, 2007

BlkSeaGoat's Counter Protest and Dunbar Village in Today's Chicago Tribune- Black Bloggers "Virtual Civil Rights Movement"

Hey guys. Shane told me he spoke with Clarence Page yesterday, the editorial is out. I think Clarence is syndicated so this might show up some other places as well. Keep an eye out:

Here's one from the "Taste of His Own Medicine" department: When the Rev. Al Sharpton led a recent Washington rally to protest what he called lax federal prosecution of hate crimes, at least one local black resident was waiting with a protest of his own....

Johnson is part of a new "netroots" movement of black-oriented Web sites that has created a virtual civil rights movement. SOURCE

Thanks for the shout out to Black bloggers Clarence. I keep telling y'all this is bigger than a few folks behind some keyboards. You ought to already be registered for Blogging While Brown, it is our Niagra Movement.

Be there next July 25-27 in Atlanta, GA and find out how we can leverage our online activity to create offline results. All the WAOD readers who keep saying that they are going to register for the conference... y'all better get in now while you still can.