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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Body of Latasha Norman MAY have been found- MSNBC Only Manages to Report on the Body of Missing White Stripper

This is just speculation at this point. I don't want to take us on the roller coaster ride we went on with Nailah Franklin, but I did want to update those who had been following the story of Latasha Norman.

Jackson Police have discovered a body. Right now there is speculation that it is the body of missing Jackson State Student Latasha Norman.

According to reports, a body was found in the area of Brown Street near Tougaloo in Jackson. The coroner arrived on scene shortly after jackson police. WLBT

Now this report filed 31 minutes ago has a police officer saying it was definitely her:

Stanley Cole has been arrested in connection with the death of JSU student Latasha Norman. Cole, who is Norman's former boyfriend, faces murder charges.
A JPD officer tells News Channel 12 Norman's body was found around 2:00 Thursday afternoon on Brown Street near Tougaloo College in Jackson. The 20-year-old accounting major was last seen November 13th leaving a class on campus.SOURCE

Haven't heard about Natasha Norman? Well that is not surprising. She was a Black woman after all. When we go missing the editorial decision-makers in the newsrooms of America have decided that our kidnappings, rapes and murders just aren't newsworthy.

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UPDATE: So I click to MSNBC.COM and there is a photo on the main page and I look at the title and it is about a recovered body.
"Police: Corpse likely that of secret porn star" Not about Latasha Norman, but about college student Emily Sander. It is an AP WIRE STORY! AND this story was featured on MSNBC

EL DORADO, Kan. - A body found in Kansas appears to be that of a missing college student who led a secret life as an Internet porn star, police said Thursday.SOURCE

All lives are sacred, but this is just a stark example of the double standard. Two women. Both college students. Both of their bodies recovered. One gets the front page on MSNBC.COM an a segment on MSNBC and the other.... I'm still looking for an AP story on Latasha. Here it is. Oh well.

OH the hypocrisy of NBC doing a series on African American Women: Where They Stand while their website and cable network basically ignore them.