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Thursday, November 29, 2007

NBC's African American Women:Where They Stand Night 4- Are We one Ham Hock Away From a Heart Attack

Tonight was Night 4 of NBC Nightly News' "African American Women: Where They Stand"
This is why I go to an old school Black doctor in the hood. The neighborhood is sketchy, but I get comprehensive care and she does not play.

We are soooo going to do a follow up to our podcast" Black Women: One Ham Hock Away From A Heart Attack"

Black women and heart disease
Black women and heart disease

HAHAHA Brian Williams said that African American Women: Where They Stand is "high interest."

Black folks are giving them HELL! But hey, at least we are watching.

Y'all touch and agree that, during this holiday season, the demon spirit of egg nog, danish butter cookies, and pecan pie don't undo all my hard work this summer. Although today I DID find an egg nog alternative called "Nog"- it is made out of soy milk and if you close your eyes and hold your nose, it is almost as good.