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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dunbar Village Update: Six Additional Suspects Under Investigation- First Trials Possible Just After the New Year

It looks like the first defendants in the Dunbar Village crime against humanity MAY be going to trial just after the New Year. Florida has a speedy trial law that says criminal defendants must go to trial within 175 days unless the defendants waive that right. Well the four in custody have not waived that right to a speedy trial YET.

If you remember, ten teens and men possibly participated in this horrific crime, only four people are in custody. Now y'all know I have been perplexed as to WHY Chief of Police Delsa "Do Nothin'" Bush hasn't been on TV night and day appealing for information on the possible information on the possible remaining six:

Police have developed a list of six other males, ages 14 to 20, who are considered suspects. Belohlavek said after court today that the investigation was continuing. SOURCE
Another development is that all of these defendants could end up with separate trials. That means the victims might have to retell their story over and over again for each trial.

The possibility of four separate trials for the teens charged in the Dunbar Village attack was raised Wednesday during a routine hearing, a potential development that prosecutors hope won't happen for the benefit of the alleged victims.

Because at least two of the teens charged in the June 18 rape and beating of a West Palm Beach public-housing resident have made statements to investigators implicating co-defendants, there could be a legal basis for separate trials, attorneys said.

"There are reasons to think that's a strong possibility," prosecutor Lanna Belohlavek said after the hearing. "I would hate to see that for the victims' sakes." SOURCE

Florida Legislator Calls for the Dissolution of the WPB Housing Board

In other Dunbar Village news, a legislator has finally pointed out the obvious, the West Palm Beach Housing Authority is a MESS.

Calling the management of the West Palm Beach Housing Authority a "ticking human time bomb," a state representative has called for its board to be dissolved. SOURCE
Hmm, what was your first clue? Ticking time bomb? I would say that it already has exploded. There is not "ticking". Y'all just haven't figure out how to pick up the debris of the lives that have been ripped to shreds as a result of benign neglect. If Laurel Robinson had any sense, and all evidence indicates that she does not, she would resign.

The legislator has fired off a letter to HUD Secretary, Alphonso Jackson:
"The present board does not seem well informed, nor involved or knowledgeable to the extent that would be expected of a board with such an important mission," Taylor wrote in the Sept. 24 letter to HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson. "Recent site inspections of the development indicate that security is virtually nonexistent, that the properties [externally and internally] have been poorly managed, many boarded up, become homes for gang lords and drug dealers." SOURCE
Amen! Somebody get me Alphonso Jackson's contact info. That is a homework assignment for the regulars. I KNOW one of y'all has it.

The Honorable Alphonso Jackson
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th Street S.W.
Washington, DC 20410
Telephone: (202) 708-1112