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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Podcast in the can - Awaiting News on Attorneymom

Our last podcast ended abruptly (we needed to get off the phone anyway) when Attorneymom's alarm went off at the end of the podcast and then we lost contact. I have called and left a message on her phone and sent a txt message. Attorneymom, leave a comment and let us know if you are okay and safe. We worry about you.

the archived show is upBlogTalkRadio.

UPDATE: It has been an hour now. I still haven't heard from Attorneymom. I will give it another 15 minutes and I am calling the nonemergency number for Atlanta PD.

UPDATE: Decided to call Attorneymom's home number and she answered. So she is perfectly fine. She didn't know if we had heard the alarm go off. I was about to call the police. With this craziness that I am covering on this blog, I just assume the worst these days.

I'm off to bed now.