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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gina Stricken by Poisonous West Texas Tree Pollen -Attorneymom Hosting w/ BlkSeaGoat and DJ Black Adam

The Universe was clearly displeased with this week's post featuring a dispatch from Hell and has stricken Gina with a severe allergic reaction to..... the AIR. yep folks, a cold front brought winds with is carrying pollen from some trees that grow out in West Texas. This pollen is impervious to Zyrtec. Therefore Gina must use her restricted airways for the purpose of breathing as talking for an hour or more will be nearly impossible.

Attorneymom has agreed to step into the breach and she will be joined by her two favorite people: BlkSeaGoat and DJ black Adam. So this will either be a "classic' or a calamity.