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Friday, November 2, 2007

Speaking of Negative Portrayals of African American Women in Popular Culture:Star Jones..WHY? WHY? WHY?

Why Star Whyyyy? I am constantly giving Star the benefit of the doubt because I think we sometimes judge her too harshly, but short changing overweight girls? That just hurts my heart. You MUST see this video from WXYZ (WTH?) in Detroit. This is a package about the ridiculousness that popped off when a group of overweight Black girls wanted her to appear at their event.

If you thought THAT video was bad, wait until you see what happens when Star wants to kick this reporter out of her office. Just cut them a check Star and walk away.

I used to be the chair of the speakers' bureau in undergrad so I know how much these celebrities charge and the $30,000 isn't out of line, but we didn't do riders. We cut you or the agency ONE check. If you want to fly first class, take it out of your check. If you want a hotel, book it yourself. The only thing we provided was transportation and you would DIE if you knew who got rides to and from the airport in my Geo Metro. We picked Johnny Cochran up in my best friend's daddy's town car. Oh the stories I could tell.

FYI. If you want moi to speak at your event, no need to pay $30,000 I can beat that. Yes, I will fly coach, and no need to put me up in a swanky hotel, La Quinta will do just fine. Book me now before I blow up like Star and start demanding that a tub of Popeye's red beans and rice waiting for me in baggage claim.