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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Megan Williams March For Justice Today, November 3rd.- Megan Will Be Marching.

We already posted on this march a few weeks ago. If you want to read who is behind it, you can go here. I am not going to add anything to the conversation because Symphony, over at Essential Presence basically says everything that I am thinking about the fact that Megan will be joining the marchers. This despite the fact that the prosecutor advised the family not to. Why couldn't her family march on her behalf? This is part of what Essential Presence had to say about the latest developments:

[H]er mother, Carmen, has decided both she and Megan will be there. ..
There is no way Megan can be completely healed...mentally or physically. Does she need to be in large crowds of people being gawked at like some circus freak?

Abraham[the prosecutor] is right. The courtroom is where she should first seek justice. If, after the trial, she (her mother) wants to give interviews left and right then fine. But now isn't the time. Carmen Williams isn't listening to the prosecutor, is there anyone around she listens to? Is there someone telling her this isn't the best course of action? Or is everyone ready to use her as a pawn to talk about White hate and racism in America?

We don't need Megan to be that example. Michael Richards, Adrienne Curry, Bill O'Reilly, Dog the Bountyhunter, nooses at Columbia University, police stations, by Coast Guard cadets, and the list goes on are sufficient evidence that America has a race problem.Megan isn't a pawn. Her story, however, should be a symbol of hatred and violence against women of color. And it doesn't matter who the abusers are. Because as we all know, women of color are abused at alarming rates by men of their own race. SOURCE
Also, the prosecutor in the case understandably isn't happy about all the interviews that this mentally challenged woman is giving in the media. For those of you who say "let her speak", I understand that, but every time she recounts the tell outside of the witness stand, she basically hands the defense team a gift. It is hard enough for those who are not mentally challenged to recount horrific details and withstand cross examination. And yes, they CAN and WILL use all of these press interviews against her. Folks need to decide what they want: to make a point NOW OR get a criminal conviction AND make a point LATER.

Medical Bills

The prosecutor also addressed something that came up when there were some Paypal accounts set up for donations for Megan's medical bills. Fallon from Document the Silence worked diligently to find an "official' victim's assistance fund. At the time one of the things I asked was what were the medical bills because I was pretty sure the state or the feds would be footing the bill if not the hospital because most states have offer some type of assistance to victims of violent crime, not all and not in all cases, but I would have been surprised if this was not one of those cases. Turns out I was right. That being said, folks should continue to donate to the fund to cover personal expenses and just because you want to let her know you are thinking about her, just be wary of folks representing that they are collecting funds to cover medical expenses.
Abraham also said that all of Williams’ medical bills are expected to be paid for by the West Virginia Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

“Federal authorities have offered funds for her medical bills. We are going out of our way to make sure those are provided for in full,” he said. “Anyone making donations for her personal, future care, that is one thing. “But anyone out there representing as a group taking donations as for her medical bills, I think that is going to be covered,” he said. “I don’t think that would be a fair thing to seek contributions for.”SOURCE

Seriously, folks MUST be wilding out if the prosecutor was asked about this. There is one "official" fund that I am aware of is this one.

Dunbar Village

There has also been some movement, finally in West Palm Beach regarding the housing authority. Someone finally noticed that the Housing Authority Director is an incompetent boob. It looks like the city commissioners are looking for ways to ditch the housing board in hopes of getting rid of the clueless Robinson.

Quite frankly, I think folks down there have finally started to get out of the shock they MUST have been in following the revelations about the horror of the Dunbar Village crime. Laurel Robinson will not survive this even if Mayor Lois "Do Nothing" Frankel foolishly continues to support her. This horror happened on Robinson's watch and her failure to maintain that property ( ie no security cameras non existent and street lamps shot out) lead to a crime plagued environment fueled apparently by the Housing Authority's inability to even regulate WHO could live on their property. Laurel isn't completely responsible, but her performance related to Dunbar Village was way past poor.