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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Star Jones Responds on Air to Allegation that She Bilked Overweight Girls in Detroit

Star Jones wants all of y'all ( I guess I'll include myself) who thought ill of her after allegations that she charged two first class tickets to a non profit but didn't bother to show up at their event to go to her website. How do we know this? Well because Star told us to on her show.

I've been to the Star's site ( just enter in some email address like 'nonyabidnez@hotmail.com' to gain access) and part of me is perplexed, not by the the facts of the case, but how Star has reacted to all of this:

For those of you who want additional information on the facts and circumstances surrounding the claims made against me, following is:

  • A date by date rendition of the facts including the relevant portions of the contract,
  • The official statement from my representatives to all members of the public and the media in this regard, and
  • The story filed by the New York Post after an exhaustive independent investigation as to these claims.

All of these documents can be downloaded at one time by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below.

Please note that any member of the legitimate press who has sought additional information has been provided with a copy of the actual contract, airline ticket reservations/confirmations, boarding passes, receipts, etc. Those items continue to be available by submitting a request to Brad Zeifman (brad@shadowpr.com) for an immediate response. STAR JONES
I can understand building up a thick skin ( no pun intended), but there is something just socially handicapped about how she is responding to all of this. I mean doesn't she have a publicist that can tell her that speaking in legalistic terms isn't always the best way to win a battle within the court of public opinion. A simple " I didn't go because they didn't pay me. It is not true that I charged my first class tickets to them. I paid for them myself." But NOOOOOO. She got "documents." Whenever I am teaching, I tell folks not to get obsessed with documentary evidence. Just because it is on a peice of paper doesn't mean that it should get more weight than first-hand sworn testimony, subject to cross examination. Star, this ain't an IRS audit. it is a public relations disaster and your response is just odd. Who prepares an exhibit list other than a bunch of lawyers? You are a communicator, just tell us your version already.

Here is the reporter Star is talking about: