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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Dog" the Bounty Hunter, Nas, and Dorinda Clark to Do "N-word" Laden Trio

Last week I announced that Nas who plans to release an album called "N*gga" planned to add a track including dog the Bounty Hunter's rant to his son where Dog dropped a flurry of N-bombs. Well now Nas has decided to open up the duet and make it a trio featuring famed gospel legend Dorinda Clark

I Loves me some Clark Sisters something awful, especially Dorinda so I was like Florida Evans breaking china when I saw this over at Character Corner ( Damn! Damn! Damn!):

Okay, one of my favorite Gospel singers got a bit carried away while she was preaching. In the above youtube clip, Evangelist Dorinda Clark let us know that she is not going to let any "Niggas" separate her from the love of God. Character Corner

Not you too Dorinda. say it ain't so. I listen to "Blessed and Highly Favored" on the regla' "Is My Living in Vain", oh and my jam "Nothing to Lose." Why Lord? WHYYYYYYY? * Gina throws herself on the floor* WHYYYYYY? This just cuts to the bone marrow.

This is another production of Ringo4Life a YouTube phenom who has previous put out scathing video critiques of Profit-ess Juanita Bynum. He is wrong for remixing this sermon. For the record, BlkSeeGoat forwarded this to Character Corner.

I prefer to remember Dorinda Dorinda's previous sermons such as this jewel from 1982. Can't nobody touch the Clark Sisters. We should have seen this coming back in 82 since he simulated smoking marijuana in this sermon before they started singing.

*Hands out an honorable mention to Dorinda Clark for this month's WAOD 'Waggin Finger of Shame Award'* I still love the Clark Sisters though.