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Friday, November 30, 2007

This Week's WAOD Wagging Finger of SHAME Award: Tatsha Robertson

By: Symphony, WAOD Contributor
This Week's Wagging Finger of Shame Award Goes to Essence magazine editor Tatsha Robertson for being a complete and total embarrassment to Black women everywhere for saying this foolishness on CNN:

"Even though she's Hillary Clinton, they [Black women] see themselves, you know, within her, dealing with the family issues, the infidelity issues."

According to CNN's Chris Lawrence Robertson says Clinton's ultimate embarrassment is her greatest asset. Robertson went on to say:

"She decided, you know, whether she wanted to stay or not, and I really think, you know, people respect that about Hillary Clinton, especially black women. " (SOURCE)

CNN has the video up. .
*Man, I didn't want to do that to Essence, LOL. Gina is somewhere falling off a chair, choking off of a snort and shaking her head all at the same time. DOH! -Symphony.