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Friday, November 30, 2007

NBC's African American Women: Where They Stand- Night 5- Black Women Decide to Vote For Mike Gravel - Shecodes is FAMOUS!

WAOD contributor Shecodes just got a shout out on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. He was reading viewer e-mail and he read hers.

Here is the video.

We've got mail
We've got mail
Her letter is the second one.

Tonight's series was more the regurgitated MSM dogma that says that the only choices Black women in SC have are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hat Tip to Prometheus 6 for YouTubing it.
Courting African-American women voters
Courting African-American women voters

Of course we couldn't be choosing to vote in our own best interest, but are merely going to choose between gender and race if you believe MSM. I was heartened to see that the Black women in SC are echoing the sentiments expressed on this blog. They like what they hear about Obama, but they just don't KNOW him and his views on the issues that are important to them. HINT HINT! Like Duh. I have already written extensively about this failure this week and I have no desire to go another round with the Obama-lytes in the comments section.

I thought this dreadful ordeal would be over tonight, but apparently due to interest in the series- BLACK FOLKS ARE GIVING NBC HELL- NBC is stretching it out another night to talk about interracial marriage. I am glad it is on a Saturday when most folks don't visit the blog because I know folks are going to act a fool AS USUAL!

It Does Not Suck To Be A Black Woman

Rev. Renita J. Weems has responded to the gloomy tone of the NBC series with this post in response "It Does Not Suck to Be A Black Woman" over at her blog, Something Within. You sure about that Renita... I don't know we may have to deprogram some folk.
You can follow our discussion and posts about the NBC Series, "African American Women: Where They Stand" but going to this link.

If you want to catch up on the throw down we have been having this week regarding my response to the article called "Michelle Obama Urges Black Women to Vote for Her Husband", you can go here.

Please note that we have ESP because this Black women and Obama story was all over CNN and NBC Nightly News today.

You should also check out the second hour of this week's podcast. During the second hour we get into a brawl over Barack Obama's ( AND EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE'S) perceived failure to address the unique needs and concerns of African American women.