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Monday, November 5, 2007

Where was Security and Why are the Lawsons Still running Around Dunbar Village- Pregnant Woman Attacked with Crow Bar

The first clue that you might not want to date a man MAY be a nickname that he carries:"Corndog" Um hmm. Yes, that is right, this fully grown man is Conrad "Corndog" Jones aks Conrad Lawson. If the Lawson name sounds familiar, that is because Corndog is claiming ties to the Lawson family of Dunabr Village.

Cornard "Corndog" Jones, of West Palm Beach, is a relative of Dunbar Village rape suspect Avion Lawson and Jones was tested for DNA in the June 18 case where a mother was gang raped and her son assaulted, court records show. SOURCE

Jones also goes by the alias Conard Lawson and refers to the Lawson family in Dunbar Village as his cousins. Avion Lawson, 14, is one of the teenagers who was charged in the gang rape of a woman at the complex. SOURCE

Well Corndog decided to break into his PREGNANT girlfriend's apartment in Dunbar Village and beat her with a tire iron also known to some as a crowbar.
The Oct. 30 victim was unable to stop Jones from breaking in and he attacked her, police said. He struck her in the head and face with the pry bar he tried to get into the home with, police said.She escaped him and ran out the door. Jones screamed, "this ain't over!" police said. SOURCE

did a post asking if this foolishness runs in the family:
(Where the hell is that security? Must have been on a break.) Cornard Jones, who has said he is a cousin to the Dunbar Village Lawsons...is that like the Hampton LeClair's... SOURCE

What I wan't to know is where was the security that is supposed to be in place? Did any neighbors call the police this time? Does the West Palm Beach Housing Authority even know who lives in these apartments?
He is known to hang out around Dunbar Village, the 800 block of 19th Street where he lives.
Are they doing anything to monitor or limit access? Was Mr. Corndog living there at some point because the found a stash of his guns at the scene? Did he bring them with him, or was the girlfriend allowing him to keep his stash in her apartment?

Thanks to everybody who has been sending me the link to this article. I knew about it, but I didn't have time to post about it yet. Symphony over at Essential Presence is on the radio in Houston today talking about Dunbar Village I think it is KTSU 90.1 .